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arbiter, arbitrī

eyewitness, arbiter, judge

bōs, bovis


cōnscientia, -ae

knowledge, conscience

indignātiō, indignātiōnis

displeasure, indignation

invidia, -ae

envy, jealousy

nīsus, -ūs (m)

pressure, effort

orīgō, orīginis (f)

origin, source

pellis pellis (f)

skin, hide

iaceō, iacēre, iacuī

to lie down; to lie dead

īnflō, īnflāre, īnflāvī, īnflātum

to blow, to puff up

intendō, intendere, intendī, intentum

to stretch, to extend

negō, negāre, negāvī, negātum

to say no, to deny

atrōx, atrōcis


inops, inopis

weak, poor, needy

rūgōsus, -a, -um



whether, or


in vain



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