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Pocahontas chapter 1


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Where did the ships arrive?
In Virginia
What was the name of the King of England?
King James.
How many months were the ships at sea?
For three months.
Why did they call their town "Jamestown"?
The king of England was called James.
What were the Indians afraid of?
They were afraid of guns.
What did John Smith want from the Indians?
He wanted corn.
How many many came on the ships?
There were 150 men.
Why did many men die?
They died of hunger and illness.
In what year does the story take place?
In the year 1607
How many men were alive in Jamestown by the first winter?
There were 50 men.
How is the weather in the summer in Virginia?
It is very hot.
What did the Englishmen give to the Indians?
They gave the beads, little knives and pictures.
Why did the Englishmen build a wall around Jamestown?
To protect themselves from the Indians.
What were the names of the three English leaders?
They were called Smith, Wingfield and Newport.
Why did Smith go up the river in a boat?
He went to find food.