27 terms

Expresate 1: Capitulo 5-2 Chores

arreglar el cuarto
to pick up the room
to help
to cook
cortar el césped
to cut the grass
cuidar a los niños
to take care of the children/to babysit
hacer la cama
to make the bed
hacer los quehaceres
to do chores
lavar los platos
to wash dishes
to clean
pasar la aspiradora
to vacuum
sacar la basura
to take out the garbage
Me toca
It's my responsibility/turn
Te toca
It's your responsibilty/turn
Le toca
It's your/his/her responsibility/turn
Nos toca
It's our responsibility/turn
Os toca
It's your all (Spain) responsibility/turn
Les toca
It's your all/their responsibility/turn
Me parece
It seems...to me
Te parece
It seems...to you
Le parece
It seems...to you/him/her
Nos parece
It seems...to us
Os parece
It seems...to you all (Spain)
Les parece
It seems...to you all/them
Me parece bien
It seems good to me
No es gran cosa
It's no big deal
Me parece injusto
It seems unfair to me
Qué lata
What a pain