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depilatoryRemoval of hair above the follicleEpilatorRemoves the hair from the bottom of the follicleHard waxes are:gentle enough for the face; strong enough to remove coarse hairs; often preferred for the bikini area and underarmsSoft waxAlso known as classic wax. The majority of waxing is performed with this type of wax because hair removal over large areas can be accomplished quickly and easily with this type of wax.SugaringSugaring is a thick paste best for sensitive skinWhat epilator needs to be patch tested first?soft waxTo soften brows saturate withWarm waterOily or dry conditions cannot be changed only improved are determined bySkin typeThe cosmetologist must receive _______ instruction in order to properly perform extraction of clogged pores and comedones.Hands on instructionaging skinLose of elasticity, tends to sag around jawline / eyesSun-damaged skinThis skin has been chronically exposed to sun over the client's lifetime. Hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and sagging skin will be presenthyperpigmentationDarker than normal pigmentation, appearing as dark splotches.acneinflammatory disease of the skin involving the sebaceous glands and hair folliclesExfoliationThe removal of excess dead cells from the skin surface.modelage masksFacial masks containing special crystals of gypsum, a plaster-like ingredient.chemical exfoliantsChemical agent that dissolves dead skin cellsSalon alpha hydroxy acid exfoliants are often referred to as:PeelsAlipidicLiterally means "lack of lipids"; describes skin that does not produce enough sebum, indicated by absence of visible pores.HumectantsSubstances that absorb moisture or promote the retention of moisture.emollientPrevents moisture from leaving skinPeptidesChains of amino acids, enter the blood stream rapidlyMassage creamLubricants used to make the skin slippery during massage.Clay base masksOil-absorbing masks that have an exfoliating and astringent effect, making large pores appear smallergauzea thin, transparent fabric with a loose open weave, used to hold mask products in placeRolling massagePressing and twisting the tissues with a fast back and forth movementFacial steamerTo soften skin tissues and follicle accumulations making them easier to extract, it is recommended to first use a:DeincrustationProcess used to soften and emulsify sebum and blackheads in the follicles.Eye brow pencil & powderUsed to add color and shape to eye browsblushApplied to apples of cheeks, cheek colorBronzersWhat is one form of cheek color often applied to give definition and a warm glow?Eye make up removersAre special preparations for moving eye makeup. Cleansers are not very effective at removing water resistant I make up. I make up removers are either water based or oil basedGreasepaintHeavy makeup used for theatrical purposes.Translucent make upPowders that contain little to no pigmentconcealerMake up used to eliminate discolorations on the skin and reduce appearance of blemishesOil based make upWater proofTriangular face shapefeatures a narrow forehead, wide jaw, and wide chin line.Curl lashes after applying mascara?False- before !finger bowlDurable, easy-to-use, made of plastic, metal, glass, or ceramic, and used for soaking the client's fingers in warm water to soften the skin and cuticleNail polish dryerDesigned to shorten the time necessary for the clients nail polish to dry.paraffinA petroleum by-product that has excellent sealing properties (barrier qualities) to hold moisture in the skin.Essential oilOil derived from herbs; have many different properties and effects on the skin and psyche.GlovesPPE used to protect skin on hands from harmful germsLow grit abrasivesless than 180. rough on nails, generally not used on natural nailsThrone chair designUltimate foot bath with a whirl pool and an attached chairWhy should you avoid using sharp implements on clients who are immunosuppressed?To avoid risk of infectionFoot soaksProducts used in the pedicure bath to soften the skin are calledLotions and creamsAre important to condition and moisturize the skin of the legs and feet, to soften calluses, and to provide slip for massage.salicylic acidThe active ingredient in callus softeners is an organic acid that has anti-inflammatory properties and can break down fats and lipidsEffleurageMassage technique that involves gliding, stroking or circular movements, utilizing a light, slow consistent motion with either light or no pressureaerosolActivators come in different formsPolymerizationa chemical process that combines several monomers to form a polymer or polymeric compoundPigmentsBlended with polymer powders to produce a wide range of shadesnail primerUsed on the natural nail prior to product application to assist in adhesion; used to chemically bond the enhancement product to the natural nail.ShinerBuffer used to create high shine on natural nail or nail enhancementvaporsMasks are designed to prevent inhalation of excessive dust, but they offer no protection from3D nail artDescribes any art that protrudes from the nail.Light curedType of material that is polymerized by a curing lightLight cured polymerChanges it's properties when exposed to lightSculpted nail artAcrylic based nails that are shapedUrethene MethacrylateNew gel systems useThe difference between light cured gels is the type of photo inhibitor used in a formula and the measurement of _____ to which the photohibitor responds to itLightPigmented gelWhich gel can be a building gel or self-leveling gel that includes color pigmentNail formsArtificially extended nailsWhy should caution be used when filing nailsBecause they are softbuilding gelsWhat type of UV or LED gel is used when sculpting light cured gel using forms