Barber CH 19 Preparing for Licensure and Employment

When preparing for the written exam, ______is crucial.
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Preparing for the practical exam includes ______knowing infection control and safety proceduresParticipating in _____allows you to ask industry professionals for any tips they might have that will assist you in your search for the right barbershop.networking opportunitiesMotivation is best described as having the drive necessary to take action to achieve a ______goalAlmost half of all barbers and cosmetologists work as ______booth rentersA resume is awritten summary of a person's education and work experience.You can enhance your resume by includingnumbers or percentages whenever possibleWhat are the skills mastered at other jobs that can be put to use in a new position?Transferable skillsAn employment portfolio might include ______before and after photographs of your best workWhat should you always do after visiting a barbershop and talking with a barbershop representative?Follow up with a handwritten note or e-mail thanking him for his timeHow many interview outfits should you have?one or twoWhen performing for an interview, which question may you least likely be asked?What words would others use to describe your personality?In addition to an interview, some barbershops require applicants toperform a service in their chosen disciplineOn a job application, you are legally not required to answer questions about_____citizenshipA noncompete agreementprohibits you from seeking employment within a given time period and geographic area after you leave an employerThe following questions are appropriate to ask on a first interview, except:Is it OK to leave early if no clients are scheduled?