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La Hija del Sastre Summary

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Emilia (the main character) wakes up because she thinks she hears soldiers outside. Her father is Lorenzo Matamoros, a former captain of the republicans, and the current leader Franco was trying to capture those of the old regime. She was afraid and wanted to go to her parents' room even though she is 17 years old. She stopped outside of their door because she heard her parents arguing. They were arguing over whether or not to tell her something. She ran back to her room when she heard someone approach the door.
The next morning, Emilia woke to the sound of voices in the kitchen. Rosario was the wife of Pablo, a former colleague of Lorenzo's. He had been questioned even after serving a year in jail. The soldiers had asked about other republicans and Lorenzo, but he had refused to tell and was taken away. Emilia heard the conversation and was shaking with fright when the woman left and her father found her. He told Emilia of the plan to pretend he had fled to France and actually stay in a secret basement. Emilia and her mother Diana prepared food and water for Lorenzo and stored in the secret basement under the bed. Lorenzo packed a suitcase and left the house.
Camila, Emilia's younger sister, and Sofía, the grandmother, returned home. Diana told them that he had fled to France. Camila, who was very young, ran crying and looking for her father. The grandmother (Lorenzo's mother) also cried. Soldiers came to the house looking for Lorenzo. Diana told them that he ran away to France, but they didn't believe her. Emilia and her grandmother hid with Camila in the tailor shop. Camila began to cry, and the soldiers discovered them. They grabbed and threatened Emilia, and when Sofía tried to make them let her go, they pushed her and she hit her head. After the soldiers left, Diana and Emilia cleaned Sofía's cut. She stayed with them that night and slept with Camila. Emilia and Diana stayed awake to wait for Lorenzo's return. He slipped in the back. When he saw the disorder, he was upset and believed himself to be a coward. He entered the basement, which was covered by a blue rug.
It had been a month since the soldier's last visit. Lorenzo had gotten sick from the humid air and darkness of the basement. When the soldiers finally returned, she had left the basement door ajar. She hurried up the stairs and got Emilia to help her move the bed back. Emilia was confronted by the soldiers, whom she told that her father was a coward and had fled to France. They still didn't believe her. They checked the bedroom, where a corner of the basement door was still showing. The soldiers were about to find it when they heard a shout in the kitchen. When they ran to find what it was, Diana fixed the rug to cover the door. Camila was crying in the kitchen because a picture had fallen and cracked. The soldiers threatened them all one more time. The girls slept in the same bed as their mother.
Sargent Ignacio Florido Peña was the personal assistant to Colonel Antonio Cordero Negro, the most important official of General Franco in Lérida (the "city"). The Colonel mentioned the tailor Matamoros, and the Sargent realized that he knew Emilia from when he was picking up his sister from school. He had noticed her because she seemed weak and vulnerable. He took a risk and told the Coronel his plan: he could become her friend or boyfriend and gain her trust for information. The Colonel was happy with this idea and decided to call it Operation Revelation. The Sargent believed that is might be his chance for a raise/promotion.