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  1. Octave
  2. Medieval Polyphonic Motet
  3. Decrescendo
  4. Ground Bass/Basso Ostinato
  5. Syncopation
  1. a A motive, phrase, or theme repeated over and over again played in the bass.
  2. b Getting softer
  3. c a short piece of sacred choral music, typically polyphonic and unaccompanied.
  4. d The interval between a pair of "duplicating" notes, eight notes apart in the diatonic scale
  5. e The accenting of certain beats of the meter that are ordinarily unaccented

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  1. A polyphonic musical texture in which various melodic lines use approximately the same themes.
  2. A musical texture involving a single melodic line, as in Gregorian Chant
  3. Changing key within a piece
  4. The blend of various sounds and melodic lines occurring simultaneously in a piece of music
  5. The sonorous quality of a particular instrument, voice, or combination of instruments or voices

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  1. Word paintingMusical illustration of the meaning of a word or short verbal phrase


  2. Polyphonic Mass/Mass OrdinaryMusic for catholic Mass. Same text every time. Ordinary set to new music


  3. DissonanceIntervals or chords that sound relatively tense and unstable.


  4. MeterA background of stressed and unstressed beats in a simple, regular, repeating pattern


  5. FugueA composition written systematically in imitative polyphony, usually with a single main theme, the fugue subject.