Human and Growth Development Ch. 1-3

What is the correct conclusion to reach regarding the effects of heredity and the environment on shaping development?
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Which hormone in males do some scientists speculate may lead to differences in male and female brain structure, and later variations in gender-related behavior?androgenA form of learning in which a voluntary response is strengthened or weakened, depending on its association with positive or negative consequences, is calledoperant condtioningDuring the embryonic stage of prenatal development, how many layers of cells eventually form every part of the human body?3What is the standard measurement system that looks for a variety of indications of good health in newborns called?the Apgar styleDuring which stage of birth do the umbilical cord, still attached to the neonate, and the placenta expel from the mother's body?thirdWhat term is used for the fine dark fuzz that cover a newborn?lanugoA neonate enters the world with unlearned, organized, and involuntary responses that occur automatically in the presence of stimuli; these responses are calledreflexesHow many stages are in the labor process?3Which stage of labor occurs when a baby begins the process of leaving the mother's body?secondWhich term refers to an infant's various levels of wakeful behaviors, such as alertness, fussing, and crying, and different levels of sleep?statesReggie watched as his son Maurice dropped a toy elf repeatedly. Maurice varied the position from which he dropped the elf, and carefully looked each time to see where it fell. What is Maurice's behavior an example of?Substage 5: Tertiary circular reactionsBy what age can babies start eating solid food, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians?6 monthsWhich theory proposes that language development is produced through a combination of genetically predetermined predispositions and environmental circumstances?interactionist perspectiveIn the development of humans, when does the greatest increase in height and weight occur?during the first year of lifeWhat is Erickson's term for the period during which toddlers develop independence if they are allowed the freedom to explore, or embarrassment and uncertainty if they are restricted and overprotected?autonomy-versus-shame-and-doubt stageJulian is playing in a room with his mother nearby. Julian becomes distressed when a stranger enters the room and he rushes to his mother's side. When his mother and the stranger leave the room for a moment, Julian wails and cries. However, when his mother returns, he runs to her, and instead of giving her a hug, he punches her in the arm. What type of attachment pattern is Julian demonstrating?ambivalent attachment patternWhen discussing the dimensions of temperament, what is the term used to refer to the proportion of active time periods to inactive time periods that are demonstrated by a baby?activity levelWhen a child demonstrates the kind of attachment in which the mother is used as a "home base" and the child is at ease when she is present, but the child gets upset when she leaves, it is called the attachment patternBy what age do children purposefully use smiling to communicate positive emotions?2 years