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Where are most of the Native American reservations today?


What were the names of some of the Native American groups around Massachusetts?

Penncooks, Pocumtucs, Nipmucs, Nansets, Wappingers,

How many people do historians believe populated New England pre-Plymouth?

20,000 - 100,000

When was the Plymouth County settled?


What were the three large main groups in now-Massachusetts in 1620?

Narragansett, Massachusett, and Wampanoag

What were the two smaller, more aggressive groups out of the five main groups in now-Massachusetts in 1620?

Abnaki and Pequot

Who led the Wampanoags in greeting the Pilgrims?


What Native American tribe greeted the Pilgrims?

the Wampanoags

What strange about where the Massassoit let the English settle?

He let them settle on good land in the middle of his territory.

Who had come to the shores of New England before the English?

European fishermen

What were the Indians not accustomed to?

beer, and other "spirits",

Around when did the Massachusetts catch a plague?


What did the Massachusetts catch between 1612-1618?

At least one terrible plague, probably influenza or smallpox.

What did accounts between 1612-1618 include?

Descriptions of rotting villages with scattered bones -- died w/out being buried

What did 2 things did the decimation of the Massachusetts do?

1. Left the other Native Americans very uneasy. 2. Made the land around Boston sparsely settled.

What did Massassoit see the settlers as?

added insurance against attack, good source of trade, particularly for cloth, metal tools, and guns.

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