5-2 Indians of North America

28 terms by SpectacledDuckling

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5th grade social studies


very dry


to exchange goods with other people


a service performed for a special purpose, such as for a religion


a city that has its own ruler and government


a group of families that are related to one another


a group of people treated with the amount of respect that is given to the group's place in society


a loosely united group of governments


a group that makes laws

cultural region

an area where peoples share some ways of life


differences, such as those among different people


a boat made from a large, hollowed-out log, used in N W coast region


a cone-shaped Navajo house built by covering a log frame with mud or grass

Iroquois League

a group of Iroquois tribes that worked together for peace


one of the spirits that are important in the religion of the Hopis and other Pueblo peoples


a circular Mandan house built over a shallow pit and covered with sod


a long wooden building in which several indian families lived together


a person from an important family

pit house

a chinoock house built partly over a hole dug in the earth so that some of its rooms are under the ground


a special native American gathering at which the host gives away valuable gifts


a group fo adobe house that the Anasazi and other Pueblo peoples lived in


a religious leader and healer


the practice of holding people against their will and making them carry out orders


earth cut into blocks or mats that are held together by grass and its roots


a cone-shaped Kiowa tent made of poles covered with animal skins

totem pole

a wooden post that is carved with shapes of people and animals


a kind of Kiowa carrier made up of two poles fastened to the harness of an animal


payments a ruler demands from his or her people


broad, flat-topped landform with steep sides; smaller than a plateau

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