Patient Assessment Quiz III Terms

18 terms by krystaledge

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A solid, elevated lesion less than 0.5 cm in diameter with color variations.


A vesicle filled with a purulent liquid that varies in size.


A small circumscribed, flat lesion less than 0.5 cm with color that is different than surrounding tissue.


A large (greater than 0.5 cm) lesion that has some scale or fine wrinkles.


A circumscribed, palpable, solid lesion greater than 0.5 cm with marginal depth


A circumscribed, often round, solid lesion greater than 0.5 cm in both width and depth.


A blister less than 0.5 cm in diameter filled with clear liquid.


A blister more than 0.5 cm in diameter filled with clear liquid.


A dry aggregation of loose, hyperkeratotic cells of stratum corneum.


immune system stimulation that may be associated with anaphylaxis or airway compromise.


A circumscribed deposit of blood less than 0.5 cm in diameter and do not blanch with pressure


Dilated superficial blood vessels that blanch with pressure and are hormonally driven in pregnancy


A transitory papule or plaque due to edema which is almost always produces pruritis.


Examples of this are achrochordon (skin tag), wart, nevus, insect bite


Examples of this are drug eruption, ink (tattoo), cafe au lait spot


Examples of this are Mongolian spot, Vitiligo


A large nodule is referred to as this


This is commonly associated with antibiotics, ACEIs, ASA, NSAIDs, CCBs, oral contraceptives, drugs that release histamine like amphetamine, atropine, opiates, and hydralazine, IV contrast

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