Chapter 11

A company has recently deployed Active Directory and now a workstation cannot connect to a network resource. A technician takes corrective action by modifying group policy settings. Which command should the technician use to make the workstation synchronize with the new settings?
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Immediate attention is required.criticalA security event has been successfulSuccess AuditA problem exists, but no immediate action is required.errorThere is an indication of a potential problem with a software component that is not functioning ideally.warningA technician is attempting to diagnose and rectify a common boot problem on a Windows 10 installation. Which Windows 10 advanced recovery option should the technician use?Startup RepairA user calls the help desk and reports that the workstation, when powering up, displays error messages about an invalid system disk or invalid boot disk. When a technician comes to the office, the user mentions that the workstation was working well the day before. The technician checks the workstation and makes sure that the cable is firmly connected between the hard drive and the motherboard. What is another likely cause of the problem?The MBR/GPT is corruptedallows for Dial-up, VPN, and Proxy Server settings to be configuredConnectionsallows IE to be set as the default web browser, enables browser add-ons, allows for the HTML editor to be set for IE, and allows for the selection of programs used for internet servicesProgramsallows for IE settings to be reset to their default stateadvancedallows for adjustment of AutoComplete settings, and configuration of the feeds and web slices that can be viewed in IEcontentallows for selecting the default home page, viewing and deleting browsing history, adjusting search settings, and customizing the browser appearanceGeneralA technician wishes to create a dynamic volume on a Windows 10 PC that has two physical hard drives. The technician wants to achieve maximum write performance with data fault tolerance. What type of dynamic volume should be created to achieve this?RAID 1 volumeIt contains files created by the OS and programs that are needed for a short period of time and are usually automatically deleted when the application or the OS is finished using them.Temporary FilesIt is used by application installation programs to install software. All 32-bit programs are installed in this folder.Program Files (x86)It contains most of the files that are used to run the computer .System FolderA Windows 8 computer locks up with a stop error during startup and then automatically reboots. The automatic restart setting is making it difficult to see any error messages. What can be done so that the error messages can be viewed?Access the Advanced Startup options menu before the OS loads to disable the auto restart functionA technician is troubleshooting a Windows 10 PC with a frozen Internet Explorer window. Which command can the technician run, as an administrator at a command prompt, to terminate the Internet Explorer process that has hung?taskkill /f /im iexplorer.exeA company is implementing a wireless network and using wireless devices as part of the corporate environment. Which two server-based authentication methods should the company consider in the wireless network design? (Choose two.)1. RADIUS 2. TACACSprovides access to administrative tools for configuring security and a wide range of system functionssystem and securityallows configuration of networking, file sharing, the default Microsoft browser, and infrared file exchange settingsnetwork and internetprovides access to configuration of devices such as printers, media devices, power, and mobilityhardware and soundprovides access to allow activation or deactivation of a wide range of Windows featuresprogramenables administration of Windows user accounts and management of Web and Windows Credentials including the file encryption certificatesuser accountsprovides access for configuration of speech recognition and text to speech servicesease of accessA technician is troubleshooting a PC. The display shows an "Invalid Boot Disk" error after the POST. What is a probable cause?The MBR is corrupted.A technician is troubleshooting a Windows 10 PC that will not do any windows updates automatically or manually. What option can be used to address this issue without loss of data or applications?Delete all the files in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder and restart the PC.A user is troubleshooting a connectivity issue from the PC to a web server and wants to see a list of the traffic stops between the PC and the web server. What is the best Windows command to select to do the job?tracertWhy would an administrator use Windows Remote Desktop and Windows Remote Assistant?to connect to a remote computer over the network to control its applications and dataWhich TCP port number would be used for remotely connecting to a network switch and configuring it via an unencrypted connection?3389After solving a problem on a computer, a technician checks the event log to ensure that there are no new error messages. At which step of the troubleshooting process is this action taking place?Verify the solution and full system functionality.Which two issues are likely to cause BSOD errors? (Choose two.)1. RAM failing 2. device driver errorsHow many Libraries are created for each user by default on a new Windows 10 installation?6What are three common causes of operating systems problems? (Choose three.)1. a corrupted registry 2. failed service pack installation 3. virus infectionA user logs into Active Directory on a workstation and the user home directory does not redirect to a network share on a file server. A technician suspects that the group policy setting is incorrect. Which command can the technician use to verify the group policy settings?gpresultWhat are two file attributes in the Windows environment? (Choose two.)1. archive 2. read-onlyIn which folder are application files for 32-bit programs typically located on a computer that is running a 64-bit edition of Windows 7?C:\Program Files (x86)A user wants to configure a password on a Windows 10 PC when the PC is woken from hibernation. Where can the user configure this?Settings, AccountsA technician is designing a hardware preventive maintenance plan for a company. Which strategy should be included in the plan?Schedule and document routine maintenance tasks.A help desk technician is talking to a user to clarify a technical problem that the user is having. What are two examples of open-ended questions that the technician might use to help determine the issue? (Choose two.)1. What happens when you try to access your files? 2. What updates have you performed lately?tracertverifies the route taken by a packetpingverifies basic connectivity to the targeted IP or host nameipconfigverifies the default gateway configured on a hostnslookupverifies the successful name resolution of a host nameA user notices that some of the programs that are installed before upgrading to Windows 7 no longer function properly. What can the user do to fix this problem?Reinstall the programs in Compatibility Mode.Which Windows utility can be used to schedule a regular backup for preventive maintenance?Windows Task SchedulerA corporation has expanded to include multiple remote offices around the globe. Which technology should be used to allow the remote offices to communicate and share network resources privately?VPNWhat is true about restore points?Restore points should always be created before making changes to a system.A technician notices that an application is not responding to commands and that the computer seems to respond slowly when applications are opened. What is the best administrative tool to force the release of system resources from the unresponsive application?Task Manager