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On which of the following radiographs will the lungs appear to have a patchy appearance?
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Which of the following conditions is characterized radio graphically by absence of peripheral lung markingspneumothoraxcystic fibrosis can be curedFALSEThe lungs appear ill defined and patchyBronchopneumoniaMost often affects infants with immature lungsRDSA sweat test is common diagnosis for this diseaseCystic fibrosisTB can infectany organ system, lungs most commonWhat bacterium causes tuberculosis?Mycobacterium tuberculosisHow is TB diagnosed?skin testing; Chest x-ray & sample of sputumasthma is the inflammation of thebronchiwhat is common on the skin w cystic fibrosissalta clot which becomes dislodged from the place of formation and flowsembolusmalignant neoblastic KIDNEY disease occurring in childrenwilm's tumorcachexiaemaciated and weakened conditionMalignant tumors aremore irregular in shape invasive or penetrating lacking formbenign tumorsgenerally encapsulatedlipomafound in neck, back or fatty tissuesmyomamuscle tumorleiomyomasmooth muscle tumorangiomablood vessel tumornevusmolepapillomawartteratomatumor containing skin, hair or teeth - dermoid cystcarcinomamore common spread through lymph vessels affect epithelial/glandular tissuessarcomaspread through blood vessels affect connective tissue (types of cancers - Ewings, Giant cell, multiple myeloma)polycythemia vera has an increase ofRBC's, WBC's and plateletsthe ratio of RBC's to the total volume of blood ishematocrithemoglobinAn iron-containing protein in red blood cells that reversibly binds oxygen.hypochromic anemiaanemia resulting from having insufficient hemoglobin in the erythrocytes caused by chronic blood loss or a diet deficient in ironaplastic anemiafailure of blood cell production in the bone marrow low RBC, WBC & plateletshemolytic anemiareduction in red cells due to excessive destruction RBC rupture responds to B12 injections aka sickle cellpernicious anemialack of mature erythrocytes caused by inability to absorb vitamin B12 into the bloodstream - intrinsic factor is missing low RBC count, but has enough hemoglobin aka erythroblastosis fetalishemolysisrupture of RBCleukocytosisincrease in the number of WBC'sPurpuradeficiency of plateletsleukemiablood forming organs characterized by an unrestrained growth of leukocyteserythropoiesisproduction of RBC'ssecondary hypertensionhigh blood pressure caused by the effects of another diseasedefects of fallots tetralogyaorta drains blood from rt and lt ventricle, ventricular septal defect, pulmonary valve is stenotica patient suffering from coartation of the aorta will have _____ BP in the arms and _____ BP in the legsHigher - Lowermalignant melanomaA skin cancer that begins in cells called melanocytes - irregular molewhich two vessels does a PDA occur betweenpulmonary artery and aortaHodgkin's lymphoma mainly affectsyounger individuals between 15-40an infection that is carried to the kidneys by the bloodstream or lymph vessels isdescending infection - glomerulonephritisa sign of a malignant kidney or bladder infection ispainless hematuriarenal cystcontains fluid clear border between it and kidneykidney tumorirregular border blood supplychoricarcinomaA malignancy of the placenta due to abnormal epitheliumhydatidiform molea benign tumor of the placenta consisting of multiple cystic and resembling a bunch of grapesmetrorrhagiableeding from the uterus at any time other than normal menstruationmenorrhagiaexcessive menstrual bleedinghypoplastic kidneyAppears as a miniature replica of a normal kidney, with good functionascending infectionpyelonephritisinterstitial cystitis is caused byunknown - more common in femalesLevel of unconsciousness in which the person is asleep, but can be aroused by painful stimuli and then will return to sleepstuporNeurological symptoms may take several days to develop if a patient has aCerebral thrombosisglioblastomafast growing and aggressive brain tumor in adultsmedulloblastomabrain tumor occurring in children that is highly malignantopening between the 3rd and 4th ventriclecerebral aqueduct of sylviusin a meningomyelocelethere is a protrusion of the meninges and nerve tissue through the defectdisease with a sudden onset of a high fever, stiff neck, nauseameningitissubdural bleeda collection of venous blood formation may be relatively slowepidural bleedsymptoms occur rapidly collection of arterial bloodHypothyroidismMyxedemaexcessive thirst, greatly increased urinary output, and NO evidence of sugar un the urine isdiabetes insipidusoversecretion of growth hormone from the ant pit before pubertygiantism in adults - acromegalyendocrine disease in which the islets of langerhans in the pancreas fail to secrete insulindiabetes mellitisform of hypopitutitarism in childrenpituitary dwarfismthe ________ are instrumental in regulating the calcium and phosphate levels in the bodyparathyroiddiabetic comaslow onset deep labored breathing requires insulininsulin shockshallow breathing requires glucose intravenouslytetany, a sustained muscular contraction is a symptoms ofhypoparathyroidismPancreas secretesglucagon and insulinadrenal cortex secretescortisoneNeurohypophysis (posterior pituitary)oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone (ADH)thyroid gland producesThyroxine (T4) Triiodothyronine (T3) CalcitoninParathyroid secretes which hormoneparathyroid hormone (PTH) - calciumAdenohypophysis (anterior pituitary)gonadotropic hormone GH adrenocorticotropic hormonecushings diseasean endocrine disorder in which there is an increased level of cortisol