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ad hominen

in an argument this is an attack on the person rather than on the opponent's ideas. it comes from the Latin meaning "against the man"


a work that functions on a symbolic level throughout a work


the repetition of initial consonant sounds, such as "peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers"


a reference contained in a work


a literary device employed to serve as a basis for comparison. it is assumed that what applies to the parallel situation also applies to the original circumstance.


a story or brief episode told by the writer or a character to illustrate a point


the word, phrase, or clause to which a pronoun refers


the presentation of two contrasting images. the ideas are balanced by word, phrase, clause, or paragraphs. "To be or not to be"


a situation in which all parts of the presentation are equal, whether in sentences of paragraphs or sections of a longer work


harsh and discordant sounds in a line or passage in a literary work


the use of slang in writing, often to create local color and to provide an informal tone. Ex. "Huckleberry Finn"

comic relief

the inclusion of a humorous character or scene to contrast with the tragic elements of a work, thereby intensifying the next tragic event.

connective tissue

those elements that help create coherence in a written piece


the interpretive level of a work based on its associated images rather than its literal meaning


the process of moving from a general rule to a specific example


the literal or dictionary meaning of a word


the aspects of a literary work that elicit pity from the audience. an appeal to emotion that can be used as a means to persuade


appeal based on logic or reason


a persuasive appeal based on the character of a writer

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