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base of brainstem; heartbeat and breathing


above medulla; sleep, basic arousal

Reticular formation

extends from spinal cord; finger shaped network of neurons; controls arousal and attentiveness


top of brainstem; all senses except smell


rear of brainstem; judge time, emotion, sound, texture, voluntary movement, procedural memory


limbic system; memory


limbic system; agression and fear


limbic system, below thalamus; body temperature, sexual behavior, hunger, thirst

cerebral cortex

outside layer of brain; control and info processing center

motor cortex

frontal lobe; voluntary movement

broca's area

frontal lobe; speech

prefrontal cortex

frontal lobe; planning and making adjustments, cognitive behavior

somatosensory cortex

parietal lobe; touch and body position

visual cortex

occipital lobe; vision

auditory cortex

temporal lobe; hearing

Wernicke's area

temporal lobe; language reception and understanding

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