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Basics over each subject.


Jewish day mourning period.


islamic faith.....funeral or funeral prayer


vigil service associated with eastern orthadox funerals.


Eastern orthadox faith.....3 short services or blessings that are part of the funeral rite. Tri for 3


Eastern orthadox church.....partition that extends across the front of the church seperating the sanctuary from the solea.


wings of the main church.


Song or poem expressing sorrow or lamentation for the dead.


physical object designed for the purpose of remembering.


A monument erected to the memory of the dead...without the dead body present.


Eucharist-centered worship. Worship service that has the eucharist or holy communion as its centeral element.


Lobby, Vestibule, foyer Entry way into the funeral home or church


Seating or auditorium section of a church.


islamic faith....leader of the local church.


one who is charge of a cemetery: Caretaker of a church.


In the Roman Catholic Church......Geographical grouping of parishes under the jurisdiction of a bishop.


The officiant who celebrates the mass in the roman catholic church.


An alter attendant.


A religious singer who assists the clergy.


Hebrew Faith......Means rending or tearing. A symbol of grief....torn garment worn by mourners.


Jewish faith.....The grave.


Jewish faith.....The burial.


Jewish faith.....Eulogy or ovation or Story of the deacesed's life.


Jewish faith....A watcher.{one who sits with the body until burial


Jewish faith.....Hand sewn white linen shroud in which the deceased are dressed.


Jewish faith.....ceremony of washing the dead before burial. A ritual preformed by the chevra kiddisha


Jewish faith.....Prayer recited for the deceased by the direct mourners.


Jewish faith.....funeral procession.

El Malei Rachamin

Jewish faith.....Memorial service. refered to as the malei, usually the last prayer of the funeral service.


Jewish faith.....prayers said before the funeral by a group of friends and the shomer.


Jewish service recited 4 times a year. Yizkor rhymes with four.


Jewish faith.....anniversary of the death. Every year


Protion of the church surrounding the altar. Usually enclosing the clergy.

Divine Liturgy

Eastern Orthadox faith......Liturgical celebration of the eucharist in eastern orthadox churches.


Eastern Orthadox Faith.....Open area sometimes raised before the altar.

Chevrah Kadisha

Hebrew Faith.....Phrase meaning "holy Society" Group that washes the deceased's body.


Hebrew Faith.....casket made totally of wood, no metal parts.


Jewish faith.....Sabbath, christi begins at sundown friday and ends at sundown saturday.


Jewish faith.....prayer shawl worn by men during the morning prayer.

Double Entry Accounting

Process of Book keeping where there is a credit to one side and a debit to the other side. It balances the accounting equation!

Accounting Equation

Assets=Liabilities+Owners Equity.

Acid Test Ratio/Quick Ratio

Quick Assets minus Inventory divided by Current Liabilities. It measures the ability of a company to use its "Near Cash" to cover company liabilities.

Inventory Turnover

Inventory Turnover = COGS divided by Average Inventory.
Average Inventory = Beginning Inventory + End Inventory divided by 2.

Owners Equity

Assets minus Liabilities.
An owners financial interest in a business.

Current Asset Ratio

Current Assets divided by Current Liabilities

ABC Method

Method of classifying inventory items with categories that are of high value, less costly, and low cost items.

Contra Account

Account designed to accumulate totals to off set a related account.
Example: Accumulated depreciation the cumulative sum of all depreciation expense from the date of acquiring a plant asset - It runs opposite of another account.

Account receivable turnover

net sales divided by Average Accounts receivable
Average accounts receivable = Beginning Inventory minus Ending inventory divided by 2

Profit Margin

Net income divided by Net sales


Form for employee's withholding allowance certificate.

Bank Draft

A check drawn by one bank on another bank in which it has funds on deposit.

Cashiers check

Check drawn by a bank on its own funds; Treated as cash.

Credit Memorandum

A source document that grants credit to a buyer for purchase return or purchase allowance.
Sort of like store credit for items returned.

Aging Schedule

Grouping of Accounts recievable into age categories based upon length of time they have been outstanding.

J. Anthony Gaussardia

Patented a process of embalming involving the injection of an arsenic-alcohol mixture.
"Garsenic/Alcohol Mix"

Dr. William Harvey

Discovered the circulation of blood.
"Hard artery-Harvey"


Salt obtained from dry lakes used by egyptians in the mummification process.


Culture associated with the practice of immersing the dead body in earthen jars filled with honey or wax.

Canopic Jars

Used by the egyptians, four jars, usually made of alabastar, limestone, clay or basalt.
Each one of the four caps depicted heads of the sons of the god horus.
They held viscera of the deceased.

Circle of necessity

Egyptians believed this was a journey to the sun and back which required 3,000 years to complete.

Dr. Auguste Renouard

Author of the "Undertakers Manual"
First embalming textbook in the U.S.
"Augustext" "Renuardertaker"

August Hoffman

Credited with the discovery of the chemical formaldehyde.

Marcello Malpighi

Father of histology-study of tissues.
"Malphigi sounds like a'll need a tissue."

Joseph Henry Clarke

Founded Clarke School of embalming in cincinnati in 1882.

Jean N. Gannal

Author of "History of embalming"
French Chemist who developed early embalming methods.
He injected through the carotid artery.

Richard Harlan

Translated Gannal's "History of Embalming"
Brought european embalming techniques to the U.S.

John Hunter

Scottish anatomist credited with the discovery fo the "Hunters Canal" which is located deep to the middle third of the sartorius muscle in the thigh

Anton Von Leeuwenhoek

Father of "Microbiology-the scientific study of microscopic organisms and their effects."
Father of "Bacteriology-the scientific study of bacteria, especially in relation to medicine and agriculture.
Also invented the microscope.

Dr. Thomas Holmes

Father of modern embalming in the U.S. Civil war embalmer

Edwin Chadwick

Englishman who investigated mass corruption in regard to english burial practices.
Recommended cemeteries be municipalized to bring something under control of local government and religions rites be standarized bring them in conformity with one another in 1842.

International Conference of Funeral Service Examing Board

Agency responsible for production, administration and integrity of the national board examination. "The Conference"

American Board of Funeral Service Education

Agency that develops curriculum and accreditation standards for funeral service education programs in the U.S.

Dr. Frederick Ruysch

"Father of Embalming"
First to refine arterial injection of preservative into vascular system.

Anomic Grief

A term used to describe the experience of grief, especially in young bereaved parents, where mourning customs are unclear due to absence of prior bereavement experience. "First timers"


An emotion or set of emotions due to a loss.
Normal Grief responses= Guilt, Hallucinations and somatic distress physical pain or discomfort


Customs, characteristics although not physical, language that distinguish a group of people.


Consists of abstract patterns for living and dying, which are learned directly of indirectly.
The way people live, believe, talk and dress


Webster-Advice, especially that given as a result of consultation.
Jackson-Anytime someone helps someone else with a problem.
Ohlsen-Therapeutic experience.
Rogers-good communication within and between two people:theraputic.


Redirection of emotion to culturally or socially useful purposes.
Helping raise awarness of breast cancer because mom died of it


Individuals ability to adjust to the psychological and emotional changes brought on by a stressful event such as the death of a significant other:
Ability to adjust


The process of focusing on certain stimuli from the environment.

Exaggerated Grief

Worden-Persons are usually conscious of the relationship of the reaction to the death, but the reaction to the current experience is excessive and disabling.

Acute Grief

Intense physical and emotional expression of grief occurring as the awarness increases of a loss of someone.

Client-Centered Counseling/Therapy

Carl rogers- Person Centered Humanistic Therapy "Unconditional Positive Regard"
Client comes up voluntarily for help.
Without any notion of surrendering his/her own responsibility.
Non-Directive method of counseling.
Stresses inherent worth of client.

Masked grief

Occurs when persons experience symptoms and behaviors which cause them difficulty, but do not see or recognize the fact that these are related to the loss.
Irritable, Tightness of shoulders


Act or event of seperation or loss that results in the experience of grief.
Event of a loss


Strong Emotion
Marked by such reactions as alarm, dread and disquiet.


The intentional infliction of physical or psychological harm on another.


Feelings and their emotion.


An adjustment process that involves grief or sorrow over a period of time.
Helps in the reorganization of life after a loss.


Defense Mechanism
Person is unable or refuses to see things as they are.
Such facts are threatening to oneself.

Attachment Theory

Tendency in human beings to make strong affectional bonds with others coming from the need for security and safety.

Grief Syndrome

A set of symptoms associated with loss.

Grief Therapy

Specialized techniques which are used to help people with complicated grief reactions.


Intervention with people whose needs are so specific that usually they can only be met by specially trained physicians or psychologist.
Work with a deeper level of conscious.

Complicated Grief

Unresolved or Chronic
Grief extending over a long period of time with out resolve.
Worden four classes of complicated grief. Exaggerated, masked, chronic and delayed.


Any event, person or object that lessens the degree of guilt.


Centering a clients thinking and feelings on the situation causing a problem.
Assisting a client in choosing a behavior to solve the problem.


Process occuring with loss aimes at loosening the attachment to the dead for reinvestment for the living.
Completing tasks to resolve grief.


A must behavior.
Enforced by those governing.

Caveat Venditor

Let the seller beware.

Extended Joint Family

Father, Mother, All children, sons and wives and their children
Except married daughters


When violated they do not call for a strong reaction from society.


Male and Female have equal rights, duties and governing power.

Blended Family

"Brady Bunch" Male and Female and children from previous marriages and present marriage.


An irrational exaggerated fear of death.

Social Facilitation

Phenomenon that occurs when an individuals performance improves because of the presence of others.

Cultural Relativism

Emotional attitude that all cultures are equal and pertinent.

Enculturation Socialization

Method by which social values are internalized Learned.


An addition or amendment of a last will and testament executed with the same formality as the will.
Amendment of a will


A must behavior
Create strong reaction from society when violated.


Social behavior as dictated by the tradition of the people.


The tendency of offspring to move away from the area in which they were born.


Social grouping which members posess roughly equivalent culturally valued attributes.


Deals with the arrangements of words in a sentence.

Vital Statistics

The registration, preparation, transcription, collection, compilation and preservation of data pertaining to birth, adoptions, death and etc...

Cultural Universal

Abstract patterns for living and dying which are identifiable in all cultures.

Bail Handle

Unique handle, a single handle in which the lug, arm and bar are combined in one unit.
Attached directly to body panel.

Stationary bar

Non moveable casket handle.

Casket Swing bar

Moveable casket handles with hinged arms.

Four components of a casket handle

Lug or Ear A.K.A. "The Escutcheon"
Part that is attached to the casket body.
Arm-Part that attaches the bar to the lug.
Bar-Grasped for carrying.
Tip-decorative part of handle.

Casket crown

Uppermost portion of the cap.


Fishtail Wedge shaped portion of the cap at each end of the crown.

Burial Vault

Outer enclosure that offers protection from the earth load as well as sealing qualities. Concrete, metal, plastic, etc...

Grave Liner

Outer enclosure that offers protection from the earth load but without protection from the elements. Concrete box

Ziegler case

Gasketed container that can be used as a shipping container.
Used for advanced decompostion cases or infectious disease.
Required by many foreign countries.

Combination unit

Casket formed so that a one piece dome component can be attached to casket body. Vault and casket in one

Casket Shell

Refers collectively to all the parts that make up the cap or Lid and Body of the casket. The entire casket

Casket Body

Portion of casket shell containing the top body molding, body panels, base molding and casket bottom.

Casket cap

Topmost portion of the casket shell.
In cludes the ogee, crown, pie and header.


Also called "Gimp" it is a strip of metal that is attached to the inside of the panel.
It covers the area where the roll "Cove" is attached to the casket.


Also called "Roll" or "Puffing".
Lines the rim "Ogee" and surrounds the cap panel.

Cap Panel

Focal point of the interior.
Fills the inside portion of the crown.

Body Panels

Compose the sides and ends of the casket.

Base molding

Consists of the molding along the lower most edge of the body panels.

Ogee Flange

"Rim Flange" turned under edge or horizontal portion of the rim which comes in contact with the gasket.

Select hardwood

"Salix" constructed from a variety of hardwood species.


Burning chamber of a crematory.

"Diving Bell" method of vault closure

"Air Seal" Utilizes air pressure created by placing the dome onto the base of the vault.

"Top Seal" method of vault closure

Utilizes epoxy compound in conjunction with tongue and grove ant the top of the vault.

Cloth covered caskets

Broadcloth-twilled, napped, woolen or worsted fabric.
Canvas-Firm closely woven fabric.
Doeskin-Heavy durable cotton fabric with a suede like appearance.
Plush-Woven cloth with a nap.


A fabric of silk, cotton and possibly rayon with a "Nap" Plush, Downy soft surface texture.
Mid to upper range caskets.


A thin wrinkled cloth of silk, rayon, cotton or wool.
Low to mid range caskets.


Fabric woven to create a smooth, lustrous face and dull back.
Low range caskets.


Fabric made from flax, noted for strength, coolness and luster.

Hammertone finish

Crinkled finish to the exterior of a metal casket.
Sprayed finish that has the apperance of indentations in the metal.


Cap filler, bridge Portion of the cap/lid that is constructed into caskets that display a cut top.

"Double Seal" method of vault closure

utilizes the "Diving Bell" along with an epoxy material at the base of the vault.

Infant casket size

Range from twelve inches to five feet six inches in length.
Units increase length wise in six inch increments.

Gauge of steel Measurements

Measures how many sheets of metal to equal one inch.
The lower the gauge of steel the thicker the steel. Inversly related.

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