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Drive Right Chapter 8 LZHS

Chapter 8 LZHS
Due to the weight to power ratio, a motorcycle generally accelerates and stops ______________ than a car
Left part of the Lane
In order to be visible to oncoming traffic motorcyclists position themselves where?
Both hands and both feet
In order to brake and shift a motcyclist must use
Helmet, jacket, jeans, boots, gloves, eye protection
Name 3 pieces of safety equipment a motorcyclist should wear
Stability (2 wheels) Vulnerability (Air bags, crush zones)
What are 2 differences from motorcycles and cars
It is ___________ to pass a car on a solid line or in the same lane if you are driving a motorcycle
Tractor trailer
Truck that has a powerful tractor that pulls a separate trailer
Large blind spots in front, to the sides, and to the rear of every large truck
Recreational vehicle
Type of vehicle used mainly for pleasure and travel
When riding a bicycle you should ride _________ traffic.
Lights, Reflectors
__________ and ___________ help motorcyclist be seen.
Where do most motorcylce accidents take place?