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  1. freezing point
  2. melting
  3. phase
  4. diffusion
  5. crystalline solid
  1. a Physical change of a solid to a liquid by adding of heat
  2. b Substance in which the particles are arranged in an orderly, geometric, repeating pattern
  3. c Any part of a system that has uniform composition and properties
  4. d Spontaneous mixing of the particles of two substances caused by their random motion
  5. e temperature at which the solid and liquid are in equilibrium at 1 atm

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  1. Change of state from a gas directly to a solid
  2. Temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid
  3. Process by which a liquid or solid changes to a gas
  4. Substance that can flow and take the shape of its container
  5. graph of pressure versus temperature that shows the conditions under which the phases of a substance exist

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  1. amorphous solidA solid in which the particles are arranged randomly


  2. capillary actionAttraction of the surface of a liquid to the surface of a solid


  3. boilingconversion of a liquid to a vapor within the liquid as well as at its surface


  4. freezingSolidification


  5. equilibrium vapor pressureA dynamic condition in which two opposing changes occur at equal rates in a closed system