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Before a cell can enter M phase
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The appearance that the spindle and sister chromatids are _______ at metaphase is misleading because each sister chromatid is being pulled toward its respective pole.inactiveActivities of microtubule motor protein during mitosis except includes:shortening kinetochore microtubules, pulling kinetochore microtubules in at centrosomes, pushing interpolar microtubules for anaphase, and pulling astral microtubules toward the cell cortexIf a cell lacks a protein required for a checkpoint mechanism that operates in G2....the cell would enter M phase under conditions when normal cells would not.Cyclins modulate the progression of cells through the cell cycle by directly______________ that are critical regulators of cell divisionactivating protein kinasesLevels of Cdk activity change during the cell cycle, in because......cyclin levels change during the cycle and CDks need cyclins for activity. The Cdk synthesis and degradation is not involved in regulating mitotic Cdk activityIf the Rb protein were mutated such that it could not be phosphorylated by cyclin-dependent kinases.....the cell will not be able to enter S phase.The eukaryotic cell G2-M checkpoint assesses the status of....DNA replicationMitotic Cdk-cyclin is active when it is.....singly phosphorylatedThe anaphase-promoting complex (APC) is....not continuously active throughout the cell cycleThe concentration of mitotic cyclin (M cyclin) falls toward the end of M phase as a result of.....ubiquitylation and degradationPhosphorylation of condensin is directly required for....chromosome condensationAt the end of DNA replication, the sister chromatids are held together by the....cohesinsIf a chemical that depolymerized microtubules were added to cells during mitosis...chromosomes would fail to line up during metaphaseThe Retinoblastoma (Rb) protein blocks cells from entering the cell cycle by...inhibiting cyclin transcriptionThe G1 DNA damage checkpoint involves the inhibition ofcyclin-Cdk complexes by p21