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  1. Sebastiano Serlio
  2. Monologue
  3. Comedia Dell'arte
  4. Shakespeare
  5. Farces
  1. a Italian designer
  2. b Owned part of his company
    Lord Chamberlain's Men - during Queen Elizabeth's reign
    King's Men -during King James reign
  3. c a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor
  4. d Comedy of professional player.
    Highly valued because of the high level of performance.
    Stock characters. Improvisation.
  5. e exaggerated improbable situations( The Three Stooges)

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  1. one trait overshadows all others
  2. (1550-1650) Religious dramas- autos sacramentales
    Auto =one act play
    sacramentales= sacraments
    Performed during Corpus Christi festival
    Combined elements of medieval, morality and mystery plays.
  3. The large open-air theatres, purpose-built as commercial playhouses, were an innovation of the 1580s, but their open stages and lack of scenery were common to other places the actors would have performed-such as the halls at Court and in great houses, or the innyards they might use when on tour.
  4. Pierre Cornell-Le Cid
    Jean Racine- Phaedra
  5. comic pieces of business used repeatedly by characters in Italian commedia dell'arte.

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  1. Kabuki TheatreRelied on dance more than western drama
    Emphasized symbolism
    total theater= an integration of acting, mime, dance, music, text


  2. Famous Actresses 17th and 18th centuryNell Gwynn: flower seller, Mistress of Charles II, very funny. Very popular in her day.
    Elizabeth Barry: stoic
    Anne : never got married


  3. Cuckolda man with an unfaithful wife.


  4. Pantalonemiserly old man


  5. ProseProse: shows lower status (mechanicals in midsummer nights dream). refers to ordinary speech with no regular pattern of accentual rhythm. Lines of text do not all have the same number of syllables nor is there any discernible pattern of stresses.