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  1. A Doll House
  2. Heroic Tragedy
  3. Renaissance Drama
  4. Arlecchino (Harlequin)
  5. Drolls
  1. a cunning clown
  2. b extraordinary characters who undertook extraordinary deeds. Themes of love and honor and lots of death.
  3. c Between 14 and 15 centuries Italian drama began to replace religious, mystery and morality plays with secular drama.
  4. d short versions of full length plays.
  5. e Henrik Ibsen

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  1. Compiles the "prompt book"
    Records "stage business" (specific actions such as answering the phone or turning on a table lamp)
    "Blocking" (Where the actor enters, crosses, where they come in, etc.)
    Lighting cues
    Sound and other cues
    Makes rehearsal schedules
    Coordinates rehearsals
    Runs the show after it opens
  2. Theater Royal
    Drury Lane
    Lincoln's Fields Inn
    Dorset Garden Theater
  3. Actors had to have a wide range and a variety of skills.
    Had a repertoire of roles they could pull from.
  4. romance and adventure
  5. Follows neoclassical rules

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  1. Sebastiano SerlioItalian designer


  2. TartuffeJean-Baptiste Poquelin or Moliere


  3. English stage 17th and 18 centuryLong and narrow
    Artificial lighting (candles)
    Theaters were open year round


  4. Proscenium archan opening in a wall that stands between the stage and the house that becomes the frame through which the audience sees the play. (Renaissance)


  5. First Actress1660