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  1. Comedia Dell'arte
  2. Punch and Judy
  3. Famous Actor 17th and 18th century
  4. The Importance of Being Ernest
  5. Chikamatsu
  1. a Oscar Wilde (1895)
  2. b the lovers
  3. c Thomas Betterton
  4. d Comedy of professional player.
    Highly valued because of the high level of performance.
    Stock characters. Improvisation.
  5. e Japanese writer who wrote emotional plays about the middle class. Suicide plays. They were banned though.

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  1. Director and designer work out the play's environment, noting doorways, windows, steps, levels, walls, and furniture.
    Outlined in tape on the rehearsal hall floor so the actors can visualize the environment in rehearsals.
  2. a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor
  3. zanni servant
  4. Theater Royal
    Drury Lane
    Lincoln's Fields Inn
    Dorset Garden Theater
  5. 1.Agreeing to direct an offered script or selecting or creating a script.
    2.Deciding on the text's interpretation and the "look" and configuration of the stage space. The "spine" of the play.
    3.Casting actors in various parts.
    4. Working with other theatre artists to plan and execute the production.
    5. Rehearsing the actors.
    6. Coordinating all elements into the final stage performance.

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  1. Proscenium arch1656, first female actress on stage. illegal!


  2. Golden Age in Spain(1550-1650) Religious dramas- autos sacramentales
    Auto =one act play
    sacramentales= sacraments
    Performed during Corpus Christi festival
    Combined elements of medieval, morality and mystery plays.


  3. Elizabethan Actors (examples)Actors had to have a wide range and a variety of skills.
    Had a repertoire of roles they could pull from.


  4. Benefitsexaggerated improbable situations( The Three Stooges)


  5. Rules for Neoclassical DramaThought over feeling
    Strict unity of time, place, action
    No mixing of comedy/tragedy
    No chorus
    No soliloquy
    No deus ex machina