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  1. Drolls
  2. Masques (Jacobian)
  3. Famous Actor 17th and 18th century
  4. Kabuki Theatre
  5. Punch and Judy
  1. a short versions of full length plays.
  2. b Thomas Betterton
  3. c the lovers
  4. d Written expressly for the court
    Performed in banquet halls with the King/Queen and court participating
    Inigo Jones- designed stage and costumes.
  5. e (Japan) Started when female dancer began to give public performances, Elaborate make up, Brilliant costumes
    After 1629- men performed in the plays when women were banned, Narrated stories about contemporary life.

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  1. (1550-1650) Religious dramas- autos sacramentales
    Auto =one act play
    sacramentales= sacraments
    Performed during Corpus Christi festival
    Combined elements of medieval, morality and mystery plays.
  2. Manager of Drury Lane
    Sentimental comedy- played on the emotions of the audience in order to arouse sympathy for character.
    Ushered in a more " natural " style of acting
  3. 10 beats per line (heartbeat)
  4. Long and narrow
    Artificial lighting (candles)
    Theaters were open year round
  5. 1660

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  1. Arlecchino (Harlequin)cunning clown


  2. Monologuea (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor


  3. Neoclassical Writersan attempt to revive and emulate classical attitudes towards art based on
    Restrained wit


  4. New Theaters Built during RestorationFollows neoclassical rules


  5. Soliloquya character alone on stage speaking his or her thoughts aloud.