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  1. Monologue
  2. Couples in Midsummer Nights Dream
  3. Comedia Dell'arte
  4. New Theaters Built during Restoration
  5. First Theater
  1. a Theater Royal
    Drury Lane
    Lincoln's Fields Inn
    Dorset Garden Theater
  2. b Lysander and Hermia
    Helena and Demetrius
    Theseus and Hippolyta
    Titania and Oberon
  3. c Comedy of professional player.
    Highly valued because of the high level of performance.
    Stock characters. Improvisation.
  4. d a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor
  5. e The Theater

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  1. yearly performances dedicated to one actor who would keep all the profits
  2. Italian designer
  3. Help set the tone and style of the production
    Establishing Locale and Period
    Developing Concept
    Providing a Central Image or Metaphor
    Coordinating Scenery with a Whole
    Solving Practical Design Problems
  4. Written expressly for the court
    Performed in banquet halls with the King/Queen and court participating
    Inigo Jones- designed stage and costumes.
  5. Thomas Betterton

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  1. DrollsProse: shows lower status (mechanicals in midsummer nights dream). refers to ordinary speech with no regular pattern of accentual rhythm. Lines of text do not all have the same number of syllables nor is there any discernible pattern of stresses.


  2. Arlecchino (Harlequin)cunning clown


  3. ApronJapanese puppet plays, needed three people to operate.


  4. Comedies of intrigueromance and adventure


  5. English stage 17th and 18 centuryThomas Betterton


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