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to bring to an end; to do away with


great pain of mind or body; suffering


a machine used in ancient wars that threw objects with great force; to move or be moved suddenly and with great force, as if by a catapult


the qualities that make a person or place different or special; a person in a story, movie, or play; a letter or symbol used in writing or painting


to speak out against something; to criticize; to accuse someone of doing wrong


to go up or increase in size or scope


cruel; fierce; unfriendly or threatning; stern; unpleasent; disturbing


a protected place among a seacoast where ships can find shelter; to give shelter to; to take care of by hiding; to hold and nourish a thought or feeling in the mind


to cause something painful to be felt


to hate or dislike greatly


to involve oneself in other people's affairs without being asked


causing shock; horrible; wicked; extremely large


to awaken; to wake up; to stir up; to excite


unchanging; steady; loyal


to put into a different language

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