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When fulfilling the administrator role, a dental public health hygienist
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Community water fluoridation is especially beneficial for which target population?Those of low socioeconomic levelsThe only valid opposition ever utilized in relation to fluoridating public water supplies wasA violation of personal freedomSome theories suggest that xylitol decreases dental decayBecause bacteria do not adsorb well on the tooth surfaceFones believed that the dental hygienist could practice as an outreach worker with an emphasis onMass pediatric preventionTobacco cessation programs emphasize and begin with which step of intervention?Asking patients about their tobacco useAlthough the U.S. Surgeon General's Report was published in 2000, Fones started dental hygiene in the early 1900s based on the premise that dental health affectsOne's total healthWhat is an example of primary public health prevention?Disease preventionWhat is a scale that pinpoints a patient's physical condition on a continuum from death through varying degrees of illness to completely healthy functioning?Wellness scaleThe teaching of health behaviors that bring an individual to a state of health awareness is termed healthEducationInforming and motivating people to adopt healthy behaviors is termedHealth promotionFor an individual with poor oral care, what must be changed in order for him or her to adopt a healthy behavior such as daily brushing?ValuesThe health belief model suggests that an individual must display a readiness to take action to avoid a disease and then must believe that he/she isSusceptible or vulnerable to the diseaseMaslow's hierarchy of needs is arranged inLower to higher level needsA broad statement that reflects the final outcome is aGoalThe lowest level of learning isKnowledgeBarriers to dental hygiene care can be defined asA limitation to receiving dental hygiene servicesDevelopment of broad goals for the presentation occurs during which stage?PlanningThe five-dimensional health model includes all of the following exceptPsychologicalIn the first dental hygiene health model, the Fones program planning model emphasizedPrevention of illnessDuring which stage does the dental hygienist consider the population's needs, facilities, resources, and funding?AssessmentDuring which stage does the program begin operation?ImplementationDuring which stage does the dental hygienist prioritize needs?Dental hygiene diagnosisDuring which stage does the dental hygienist develop a blueprint?PlanningDuring which stage are the goals/objectives measured?EvaluationDuring which stage are possible constraints and alternatives addressed?PlanningPersonnel needs, sometimes referred to as workforce needs, are analyzed during which stage?AssessmentProgram planning is more than just planning a program; it encompasses the entire dental hygiene process of care.TrueWhich type of evaluation method uses face-to-face interviews?NonclinicalThe internal evaluation of a program is referred to as theFormative evaluationWhich teeth are included in the "Ramfjord teeth"?Both #3 and #12The Patient Hygiene Performance Index (PHP) assesses the extent ofPlaque and debrisCommunity Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN) classifies individual or group periodontal treatment needs quickly and uses a specially designed probe. T/fTrueDMFT determines status of dental caries activity of decayed, missing, or filled teeth or surfaces of primary dentition. T/fFalseWhich payment method is a fee scale per service developed for each service rendered?Fee for serviceWhich system is used when a dental provider contracts with a program to provide all or most dental services to the program's subscribers in return for payment on a per-capita basis?CapitationWhat form describes benefits to the patient and the provider with accompanying payment or denial of payment?Explanation of Benefits (EOB)Funding for public water fluoridation usually falls under the auspices of the local government. T/fTrueWhich type of law are dental hygiene practice acts considered to be?StatutoryWhich branch of government carries out the enacted laws?ExecutiveLaws pertaining to dental hygiene are generally found in the state dental hygienePractice actAn individual who causes social, cultural, or behavioral change is calledChange agentThe process of working together toward a common goal is calledCollaborationAn understanding of what needs to change and using motivation to transform the opinions and actions of others is referred to as aCatalystWhat is an example of secondary Public Health preventionRestorationsWhat is the main healthcare research institution in the United StatesNational Institute of healthHow has malpractice directly impacted dental care delivery and qualityEnable to patients to sueWhat is referred to as a constituent member in the ADHA organizationState organizationWhich type of fluoride increases children's risk of developing dental fluorosisSupplements and systemicA group from a local church youth group could be considered aTarget populationWhich of the following is part of the planning phase of program planningIdentify a methods to measure goProgram goal should be evaluated based onBaseline dataWhich type of evaluation is a basic screeningClinicalAn index that measures a condition that will not change such as dental caries is termed a(n)Irreversible indexWhat payment is based on an office visit and is always the same regardless of the services renderedEncounterState agency such as state dental boards fall within which type of lawAdministrativeLaws which explain what services dental hygienists can provider found inState law