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  1. Stoma
  2. Lysosome
  3. Nucleolus
  4. ATP
  5. Spindle Apparatus
  1. a Structure in cell division which anchors the chromosomes
  2. b adenosine triphosphate, gives the cell the energy necessary for chemical reactions
  3. c Structure within nucleus which makes ribosomes
  4. d Contains digestive enzymes to break down cell waste
  5. e Internal stacking membrane of chloroplasts

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  1. Generate ATP for chemical energy, have their own maternally inherited DNA.
  2. Structures outside of cell membrane which anchor cilia
  3. Cholesterol
  4. "Command central" of eukaryotic cell, double membrane bound
  5. System of microtubules used in the synthesis of chemical compounds, compartmentalization of cell function, and intercellular transport

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  1. CiliaInternal stacking membrane of chloroplasts


  2. EukaryoticDisorganized genetic material found in nucleus


  3. Golgi ComplexFlattened stacks of membranes which process raw cell materials and secrete chemicals


  4. ChromatinDisorganized genetic material found in nucleus


  5. Cell WallStructures on outside of cell which resemble hairs, assist in movement