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first woman with arrest power

Lola Baldwin, Portland, Oregon, 1905

Lola Baldwin died at the age of

97 in 1957

first official "policewoman"

Alice Stebbin Wells, LAPD, 1910

Alice Stebbin Wells was entered at the position of


Alice Stebbin Wells founded

the International Association of Policewomen in 1915

by 1915, Chicago had employed ____ female police officers


women are often forced to seek

a balance between POLICEwoman and policeWOMAN

women were screened out

disproportionately in physical agility test

academy and FTO training was __________ oriented


Blacks first served as police officers

in 1861 in DC

in 1870, blacks occupied _______ of police officers in New Orleans


some minorities viewed black officers as

people who were "selling them out"

black officers were challenged more by

young blacks

do more black officers really make a difference?

- in social justice/equality
- in policing

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