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  1. Twisting movements of limbs, face, and trunk
  2. -Cortex
    -Reticular Formation of brainstem
  3. Abnormal positions of the body, head, or limbs
  4. Caudate nucleus
  5. -Resting tremor
    -Choreic movements
    -Ballistic movements
  1. a Athetosis
  2. b Symptoms or signs in basal ganglia damage
  3. c Striatum
  4. d Basal Ganglia Inputs
  5. e Dystonia

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  1. Hemiballismus
  2. Ballismus
  3. Basal Ganglia Loops
  4. Basal Ganglia Components
  5. Akinesia

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  1. Main Output of Basal GangliaThalamus


  2. -Resting tremor
    -Bradykinesia - Slowness of movement
    -Rigidity of extremities
    -Minimal facial expression - masked facies
    -Shuffling gait with decreased associated movements such as arm swinging
    -In some cases these symptoms are also associated with dementia
    Parkinson's Disease


  3. abnormal involuntary movementsHyperkinesia


  4. Striatum:
    1. Caudate
    2. Putamen


  5. 1. Globus pallidus - internal segment
    2. Substantia nigra pars reticulata
    Nuclei of the basal ganglia that provide the output information