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  1. Movement disorders are clinically characterized as hypokinetic or ______ and they are produced by abnormalities of the basal ganglia or their connections
  2. -Resting tremor
    -Choreic movements
    -Ballistic movements
  3. absence of movement
  4. Pathologically there is progressive atrophy of the striatum and the cortical connections to these nuclei
  5. -Motor control loop
    -Eye movement loop
    -Cognitive function loop
    -Limbic loop
  1. a Akinesia
  2. b hyperkinetic
  3. c Symptoms or signs in basal ganglia damage
  4. d Huntington's Disease
  5. e Basal Ganglia Loops

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  1. Lenticular nucleus
  2. Parkinson's Disease
  3. Direct pathway
  4. Thalamus
  5. Basal Ganglia Components

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  1. -Cortex
    -Reticular Formation of brainstem
    Nuclei of the Basal Ganglia that receive the main input from the cerebral cortex


  2. Inhibits the thalamusDirect pathway


  3. -Gradual and progressive behavioral, cognitive symptoms and choreic movements beginning in the forth or fifth decade of life
    -Death occurs within 10 to 20 years
    -Inherited as an autosomal dominant disorder
    -The defective gene is located in the short arm of chromosome 4 and encodes for the protein huntingtin
    -The gene includes multiple tandem repeats of the trinucleotide CAG encoding glutamine


  4. -Control the initiation of movement
    -Control the smooth transition between 2 consecutive movements


  5. abnormal involuntary movementsAkinesia