15 terms

Nervous System 4th Grade Science

sense organ
a body part that has special nerve cells that gather information about the surroundings.
nerve cell
a cell that gathers and carries information in the body.
nerve endings
a tiny branch of a nerve cell that gathers information.
spinal cord
a thick bundle of nerves that connects the brain and nerves throughout the body.
the four taste buds are...
sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.
The sense of taste comes from tiny___________ on your tongue.
taste buds.
Taste buds have ________________ that gather information about the four taste buds.
Nerve cells.
you get _________ from your surroundings.
the clear covering that protects the front of your eye.Bends light.
Changes the size of the pupil to let the right amount of light in.(colored part of eye.)
allows light inside of the eye.
Bends light to focus light on the retina.
information is gathered about the light in the retina.A thin layer of nerve cells at the back of the eye.
optic nerve
a nerve that sends information to the brain.
White part of the eye.