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Concepts of Chemical Dependency Chapter 14

The Under-recognized Problem of Steroid Abuse and Addiction
What percentages of steroids are black-market?
80%-90% are from black market sources
Name two methods in which individuals obtain steroids.
Smuggled into the United States
Designer steroids
Veterinary products
What are five terms that are used to describe use?
Blending Bulking up Cycling
Doping Injectable Mega-dosing
Orals Pyramiding Tapering
Shot gunning
What is the ratio of men to women?
13:1 ratio of males to females
When was there first a medical use?
In use since the mid-1950s
What is the median age of abuse?
18 years old
What does Anabolic refer to?
The ability of these compounds to increase the speed of tissue growth or repair
What does Androgenic refer to?
The masculinizing effect on the user
What percentage of high school seniors have used steroids at least once?
What do Steroids do to the muscle mass?
Increases in lean muscle mass
What do Steroids do to the muscle strength?
Increases muscle strength
What do Steroids effect recovery time after an injury or illness?
Decrease periods of recovery (quicker recovery)
Mixing different steroids for use at the same time; might involve both oral and injected forms of steroids
Bulking up
Increasing muscle mass through steroid use and an exercise program; follows a fixed schedule, with the abuser also using a special diet along with anabolic steroids.
Taking multiple doses of steroid(s) over time, with drug-free holidays intermixed with periods of active steroid abuse.
Using any range of compounds to improve athletic performance.
Steroids designed for intramuscular injection(s).
Taking massive doses. (possibly by blending)
Steroids designed for oral use.
Process of slowly increasing the daily use of anabolic steroids over time, then when a target dose is reached, slowly reducing the dose over time; often done so that the individual will not test "positive" on urine or blood tests for steroids after competition.
Taking steroids on an inconsistent basis.
Slowly reducing one's daily dose of steroids over a period of time.