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Vocabulary from the short story Raymond's Run as well as a few important words


a person with an exceptional talent

big head

enlarged skull

play the dozens

exchange rhyming insults


In Roman mythology, the swift messenger of the Gods

Chopin's Waltzes

works by the 19th century pianist and composer Frederic Chopin

Ventriloquist-dummy routine

Squeaky thinks that all the girls are speaking Gretchen's thoughts, like dummies controlled by a ventriloquist

Miss Quicksilver

a reference to the speed with which quicksilver (liquid metal mercury) flows


park employees


a street in the Harlem section of New York City


musical instruments having tuned metal bars that are played with light hammers


the action or sequence of events in a story


a struggle between two opposing forces


a truth about life that is expressed through literature

point of view

narrator's perspective

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