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What is Dualism?
the soul is separate from the body
What do duelists believe about our experiences?
That there is a difference in what we experience with our senses that appears to be real and true reality.
What did Plato believe explain our experiences?
We either living in a state of "being" or a state of "becoming".
What was the meaning of the Cave analogy?
People live their entire lives believing what they experience with their senses to be true reality
How did Plato use the idea of Shadows?
Plato suggested how people would attempt to interpret the shadows and believe the shapes created was true reality.
What were the Shadows to Plato?
Only dim reflections of reality.
What is a modern example of Plato's cave?
The Cinema
How is the cinema like the cave?
Our senses are manipulated. The ideas will stay with us and affect how we live our lives.
What did Plato believe will allow us to reach a "higher state of being" - World of Forms.
facing the Rough Ascent from ignorance to knowledge. Being able to move against conformity.
What does Plato believe urges us to make this journey?
The fact that we are all continually seeking out more contentment because our inner self, our soul is seeking its true home.
What did Plato believe about imperfection?
Our souls belong in the World of forms, so we yearn to return to this perfect, eternal, unchanging world. And escape this imperfect, brief, ever changing one.
What examples of contentment belong to the "world of becoming" ?
Wealth, fame, romance, popularity.
What are examples of true contentment?
Search for knowledge
What are Plato's three arguments?
Language, Prior Knowledge
Explain Argument for Language:
We use words like I, me, mine. Which suggests self- awareness. We understand we are more than simply the sum of our parts.
Explain Argument for Prior Knowledge:
Russel cat analogy. There are so many "cats" copies of the Ultimate cat.
Plato's final message:
Knowledge is the path to existence, with it we will no longer waste our lives on physical pursuits.
What does Plato believe will happen when we truly exist?
We will be eternal, and live beyond death in a fashion much greater than we can imagine