V236 - Exam #2 Practice Test Questions

Someone seeks buy-in from individuals, wants minimal risks, and tends to avoid interpersonal confrontation when it comes to decision would best be described as a:
a. deep thinker.
b. convenience seeker.
c. consensus builder.
d. free spirit.
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Bart is often described by his colleagues as someone who is always friendly and fun to work with, with an infectious attitude that carries over to others. Which of the following attitudes does Bart display?
a. Reward-centric attitude
b. Reciprocal attitude
c. Positive environmental attitude
d. Positive mental attitude
Which of the following helps supervisors effectively deliver information to their subordinates? a. Using direct language b. Filtering information c. Using jargon d. Eliminating non-verbal cuesa. Using direct languageThe perception that all people in a group share attitudes, values, and beliefs is called ______. a. stereotyping b. deskilling c. filtering d. arbitratinga. stereotyping____ refers to obstacles that distort messages between people. a. The grapevine b. Noise c. The KISS factor d. Semanticsb. NoiseThe grapevine: a. may contain half-truths and rumors. b. is more active at the top-management level. c. is considered as a formal chain of communication. d. communicates information less rapidly than official communication.a. may contain half-truths and rumors.Which of the following practices helps make management by walking around effective? a. Discouraging upward communication b. Asking questions to subordinates about work c. Eliminating downward communication d. Reducing the productivity targets if employeesb. Asking questions to subordinates about workDelilah requested a meeting with her supervisor to negotiate a pay increase. This is an example of what type of communication? a. Downward communication b. Upward communication c. Lateral communication d. Grapevine communicationb. Upward communicationSamuel is responsible for generating monthly reports on his organization's sales figures. This month, he decided to pass the project along to one of his subordinates so that the subordinate can gain experience in data analysis and also to free up more of his own time for other duties. This is an example of: a. contracting. b. outsourcing. c. delegating. d. mentoring.c. delegating.Maxine has been appointed the new CEO of IndiCorp after many failed ventures under the old CEO. Employees at IndiCorp believe Maxine will refocus the company on its core products and shed any non-performing business units. This illustrates that the employees at IndiCorp want _____. a. direction b. trust c. hope d. resultsa. directionOf the following statements best describes the purpose of delegation? a. A tool to get rid of unpleasant tasks b. A tool to lighten the managerial workload c. A tool to develop employees' skills and abilities d. A tool to surrender all accountabilityc. A tool to develop employees' skills and abilities