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The obligation to perform certain tasks and duties as assigned by a supervisor is referred to as:
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Macy goes to her supervisor, Tory, to talk about an idea that could potentially grow sales by a factor of ten. Tory listens patiently to Macy and decides to kick the idea up the management chain. Macy's strategy sees success and Tory promptly credits her. In the case of Macy's idea, Tory's actions exemplify _____
Which of the following statements is true of participative management?A supervisor consults with employees before making a decision.Which of the following is NOT a component of delegation?Practicing nepotismDownward communication does NOT involve supervisors:receiving instructionsWhen supervisors ask employees, customers, and others what they can do to help, they are employing which horizontal communication technique?Management by walking aroundUpward communication involves:asking questionsThe most important method available to assure that proper comprehension of a message has occurred is through the use of:FEEDBACKIn most organizations, policies, rules, information, guidelines, instructions, and goals follow which communication channel?DownwardJoe believes that people from the state of Lanslot are hostile and reserved. At his workplace, he actively avoid interacting with colleagues who hail from Lanslot even if they don't come across as hostile or reserved. Which of the following communication barriers is illustrated in the scenario?StereotypingWhich of the following is NOT an effective way to manage meetings with the boss?Filtering information_____ refers to obstacles that distort messages between people.NOISE_____ is the degree of responsibility and power afforded by a person's professional or social position.StatusDelilah requested a meeting with her supervisor to negotiate a pay increase. This is an example of what type of communication?Upward communicationCommunicating through body language:may be interpreted differently by different people.Which of the following statements concerning the grapevine is correct?Supervisors should tune into the grapevine because it can offer considerable insight.​_____ refers to words that are specific to a person's background or specialty.JargonThe process of defining problems and choosing a course of action from among alternatives is known as _____.decision makingSelecting the best alternative is referred to as:optimizing.Samantha has been asked to join a task force that is charged with boosting organizational productivity. First, she was asked to jot down ideas on how to increase productivity, and after that, the group met to discuss everyone's ideas and come up with solutions together based on those suggestions. Samantha's taskforce best exemplifies which creative problem solving method?Nominal group techniqueWhich of the following statements regarding decision-making is true?Decision making is integral to managerial functions and the core of planning.Which of the following is an effective way of overcoming barriers to change?Encouraging participation from employees_____ means that management must improve upon and sustain what they are doing today while creating processes for long-term success.Organizational renewalAfter reviewing several potential solutions to a significant challenge at work regarding his company and a client, Roberto has identified a solution that both his boss and the client view as a "win-win". In selecting this option, Roberto is most likely to have engaged in:optimizingThe four guidelines for effective brainstorming were authored by _____.Alex Osborn_____ refers to rapidly engaging supervisors and employees at all levels of an organization in education, training, and the establishment of clear accountability for change processes and tasks.CASCADEAfter the supervisor has defined and analyzed the problem and established decision criteria, the next step is to:develop alternativesGina likes to be in control at work and enjoys making important decisions. She uses power to influence her subordinates and generally likes to take risks. Which of the following decision-making styles best describes Gina?Group commanderUsing payback analysis as a means to select a decision among various alternatives is an example of _____.quantitative decision makingAmanda tends to make fast decisions that result in many errors but she does not care about results. These are characteristics of a _____convenience seekerBased on the works of J. Stacy Adams, _____ is a theory of motivation that explains how people strive for fairness in the workplace.equity theoryWhich of the following is a disadvantage of the Theory Y approach?It is not useful for employees who prefer firm direction from their supervisorsWhich needs are at the first level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and are vital to survival?Physiological needsGiving employees more challenging tasks and more decision-making responsibility for their jobs is referred to as _____.job enrichment_____ needs pertain to the need to create something useful and pleasing.AestheticMoe is a supervisor at Stooge Construction. He rarely trusts his employees to handle tasks on their own and monitors them very closely. He does not allow for his subordinates to develop autonomy. Moe's management style is most closely associated with _____.Theory XWhich of the following is NOT an example of a hygiene factor?Responsibility for workWhich of the following statements regarding employee behavior is NOT true?The best way for an employee to learn what is expected on the job is by trial and error.Larry regularly fails to meet sales goals but routinely demands bonuses anyway. Despite his lack of effort, he believes that the organization owes him. This is an example of _____.employee entitlementWhich of the following is an effective way of dealing with difficult behaviors of employees?Talking to the employee in private to get his or her side of the storyWhich of the following is a physiological factor influencing personality?INTELLIGENCEHank was just handed over free passes to a rock concert by his friend. However Hank is required to be at work on the night of the concert. Hank has not been able to find a substitute who can take care of his work. He is now debating whether he should adhere to his work schedule or postpone the work to attend the concert. Hank's dilemma illustrates _____.cognitive dissonance