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Practice Exam 2 (SI)

tendones, ligaments, and the deeper portion of the skin
Collagenous fibers are very abundant in
Mesoderm gives a rise to muscle, bone, and blood
simple columnar
An epithelium with all cells tall and narrow and with every cell touching the basement membrane is called
endocrine glands, hormones, the blood
____ secrete _____ into _____
The secretory product of a gland is produced by its parenchyma, not its stroma
tight junctions
In the intestine, ____ ensure(s) that most digested nutrients pass through the epithelial cells and not between them
blood; transport nutrients to the tissues
____ is found in the heart, and one of its functions is to ___
mucous membran (mucosa)
This membrane lines passageways that open to the exterior environment
compound acinar
___ glands have branched ducts and secretory cells that form sacs at one end of the ducts
The clear gel that usually surrounds cells is called interstitial fluid
After six months of lifting weights at the gym you notice that some of your muscles have increased in size. This increase in size is due to ___ of the muscle cells.
Scar tissue helps to hold an organ together but does not restore normal function of the damaged tissue
___ cells in simple columnar and pseudo stratified columnar epithelia produce protective mucous coatings over the mucous membranes
simple cuboidal epithelium
Most kidney tubules are made of this tissue specialized for absorption and secretion
epithelium and lamina propria
The membrane that lines digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive tracts consists of
Th four primary tissue types found in adult organs include all of the following except
In an epithelium, there is almost no extracellular matrix
Nervous tissue consists predominantly of two cell types, neurons and
All these substances account for the gelatinous consistency of connective tissue ground substance except
elastic cartilage
The shape of a person's external ear is given by
hyperextensible joints
Marfan syndrom is a hereditary defect in elastin fibers. People with this syndrome have
phagocytize and digest tissue debris
Macrophages ___ in the healing of a skin wound
mucous, serous
___ glands secrete mucin, which combines with water to form a thick and sticky product, whereas ___ glands produce a relatively water fluid.
muscular and nervous, excitable
__ tissues respond quickly to outside stimuli by means of changes in membrane potential, thus they are called ___ tissues
a calcified matrix
These are features that fibrous connective tissues have in common except
adipose tissue
New triglycerides are constantly synthesized and stored and others are hydrolyzed and released into circulation mostly from cells in
chondroblasts, fibroblasts
__ secrete the rubbery matrix of cartilage, whereas __ produce the fibers and ground substance that form the matrix of fibrous connective tissue
hyaline cartilage
These are all types of fibrous connective tissues except
dense regular and dense irregular connective tissues
Fibroblasts and protein firers are associated with both
Smooth and cardiac muscles are under involuntary control
complex of macromolecules, part of a cell, entire cell
A connective tissue fiber refers to a(n) ___, a nerve fiber refers to a(n) ___, and a muscle fier refers to a(n) ___.
simple squamous, stratified squamous
__ epithelium is associated with rapid transport of substances through a membrane, whereas __ epithelium is associated with resistance to abrasion
Fibrocartilage is found in intervertebral discs
epithelium and connective tissue
The basement membrane is found between
epithelial tissue
___ lines body cavities, covers the body surface, and forms the lining of many organs
interstitial fluid is so scarce that it is not visible with a light microscope
These features are common to all connective tissues except
It is normal for breasts to shrink after lactation ceases. This is a consequence of __ in human breast cells.
areolar, cartilage
__ tissue is highly vascular, whereas
histological section
A thin, stained slice of tissue mounted on a microscope is called a
stratified squamous, stratified columnar
__ epithelium is the most widespread epithelium in the body, whereas __ epithelium is rare
merocrine, holocrine
___ glands (such as tear glands) have vesicles that release their secretion by exocytosis, whereas ___ glands (such as oil-producing glands) secrete a mixture of disintegrated cells and their products
The replacement of damaged tissue with scar tissue is called
areolar tissue
___ exhibits a lot of apparently empty space, and is found in many serous membranes
simpel squamous
___ epithelium allos for rapid diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide through the air sacs (alveoli) of the lungs
pseudostratified columnar
All cells in this tissue reach the basement membrane and only cells that reach the free surface have cilia
simple columnar, small intestine
A brush border of microvilli belongs to ___ epithelium found in the ___
striated and voluntary
Skeletal muscle is described as
transitional, stratified squamous
___ epithelium found in the bladder resembles ___ epithelium, but the apical cells are rounded, not flattened
smooth muscle produces waves of contractions that propel material through the digestive tract
Astronauts in zero gravity are able to move food through their digestive tracts because
Columnar cells lining the small intestine show a brush border of microvilli on the apical surface
nonkeratinized, vagina
__ epithelium provides a moist and slippery surface and is well suited to resist stress, as in the ___
stratum corneum
This layer of the epidermis consists of up to 30 layers of dead cells
These are all types of cells found in the epidermis except: melanocytes, fibroblasts, stem cells, keratinocytes, tactile (Merkel) cells
A __ is an elevated patch of melanized skin
the hypodermis
The skin does not include
Skin covering the ___ has sweat glands but no hair follicles or sebaceous (oil) glands.
Calluses or corns are the result of accelerated multiplication of
Melanin, hemoglobin, and carotene give color to the skin
Bliirubin causes a skin discoloration called
__ is/are formed partly from the secretions of glands in the external ear canal
apocrine, breasts
Mammary glands are modified __ glands that develop with the female breast, whereas __ are present in both sexes
The least common but most deadly type of skin cancer is
hairs to stand on end with no apparent function
The contraction of the piloerector muscles (pilomotor muscle or arrestor pili) in humans causes
adipose tissue
The hypodermis usually has an abundance of this tissue
tactile (Merkel) cells
Which of the following are associated with the sense of touch
merocrine glands
The cutaneous glands concerned with cooling the body are
dendritic (Landerhans) cells
These cells stand guard against toxins, microbes and other pathogens
stratum basale
The fastest rate of mitosis happens in the
__ burns involve the epidermis, all of the dermis, and often some deeper tissue
The skin carries out the first step in the synthesis of vitamin D
dermal papillae
Fingerprints left on things we touch are associated with
stratum lucidum
The __ is only present in thick skin
Albinism is the genetic lack of melanin that results in a milkly white coloration of the skin
The reddish color of the skin of the lips is primarily due to this pigment
quantity of melanin produced
Ethnic differences in skin color are primarily caused by differences in
The oil of your scalp is secreted by __ glands associated with the hair follicles
merocrine sweat
Secretions from ___ glands contribute to the acid mantle that inhibits bacterial growth on the skin
Which one of the following bone cells would have the creates number of lysosomes?
hydroxyapatite and other minerals, proteins
__ provide(s) hardness to bones, whereas __ pro dies(s) some degree of flexibility
__ are bone forming cells
The __ is a marginal zone of the epiphyseal plate where, in children and adolescents, bone can be seen replacing the hyaline cartilage
periosteum, endosteum
A bone is covered externally with a sheath called ___, whereas the internal surface is lined with ___
Osseous tissue is a(an) __ tissue
Most blood cells are produced in the red marrow bones
parathyroid hormone, increased osteoclast activity
Blood Ca²⁺ deficiency stimulates __ secretion, which leads to ___.
rickets, osteomalacia
The result of calcium and phosphate levels in blood too low for normal deposition is softness of the bones called __ in children and ___ in adults.
DNA synthesis
Calcium plays an essential role in all of the following except
osteoblasts, osteocytes
When __ become enclosed in lacunae, they become cells called __.
__ is synthesized by the combined action of the skin, kidneys, and liver, and is important to the deposition of bone.