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fire safety - RACE stands for?
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digoxin (lanoxin) toxicity level> 2dilantin (phenytoin) toxicity level> 20bilirubin toxicity level> 20which potassium imbalance is this: - irritability, agitation, restlessness, agressions, obnoxiousness, decreased inhibitions, loud/boistrous - tachypnea - peaked T waves, wide QRS - diarrhea, borborygmi - spasticity, increased tone, hyper- reflexive - BRADYcardia, LOW urine outputHYPER-kalemia s/s HIGH with HYPER-K same as prefix (except for HR and UO)which potassium imbalance is this: - lethargy, obtunded, stupor - bradypnea - ST depression, inverted T wave, U wave - constipation, ileus - flaccidity, low reflexes - TACHYcardia, HIGH urine outputHYPO-kalemia s/s LOW with HYPO-K same as prefix (except for HR and UO)which calcium imbalance is this: - bradycardia, bradypnea, flaccidity, lethargy, constipationHYPER-calcemia s/s LOW with HYPER-Ca opposite as prefixwhich calcium imbalance is this: - agitation, clonus, hyper-reflexive, seizure, tachycardia - chvostek's sign (cheek) - trousseau's signHYPO-calcemia s/s HIGH with HYPO-Ca opposite as prefixwhich magnesium imbalance is this: - CNS depression, hypotension, flushing - muscle weakness - absent DTR - shallow respirationsHYPER-magnesemia s/s LOW with HYPER-Mg opposite as prefixwhich magnesium imbalance is this: - tremors, tetany, seizures - dysrhythmias - confusionHYPO-magnesemia s/s HIGH with HYPO-Mg opposite as prefixmajor hyperthyroidism treatments (3)1. radioactive iodine 2. PTU (puts thyroid under) 3. thyroidectomymost important assessment related to cervical laminectomy** BREATHING - function of arms, handsmost important assessment related to thoracic laminectomy** COUGHING - bowel soundsmost important assessment related to lumbar laminectomy** BLADDER function - function of legs, feetmajor post-op complication of cervical laminectomypneumoniamajor post-op complication of thoracic laminectomypneumonia, ileusmajor post-op complication of lumbar laminectomyurinary retention