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Tight Junctions

Important in restricting xport. Fusions of adjacent plasma membranes.


Macula adherens. w/ Keratin filaments. Important in skin and urinary bladder. Anti-stress.


Anchor the basal membrane of an epithelial cell to its underlying connective tissue.

Zona Adherens

Contractile actin filament anchoring. Bending.

Gap Junctions

Contain connexons. Allows ions/electrical impulses to pass. Primarily cardiac muscle cells and smooth muscle cells.

Mast Cell

Connective Tissue: Inflammatory reaction. Secretes histamine and heparin.

Merkel discs, Meissner's Corpuscles

Stratum basal contains these touch recepors:


In stratum basal, produce melanin (pigmant) to hair and skin

Langerhans cells

Are phagocytic cells in the spinosum layer. Stimulate an immune response when they encounter disease causing microbes.


Accumulated keratin in this layer but not yet flattened.

Sebaceous glands

Secretes oily sebum at the base of the hairs. Helps retain moistureon skin. Washing dries it out!

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