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La carte d'embarquement

Boarding pass [Feminine]

La classe affaires

Business class [Feminine]

La classe économique

Tourist class [Feminine]

La conductrice

Driver [Feminine]

La consigne

Coin locker [Feminine]

La couchette

Berth [Feminine]

La deuxième classe

Second class [Feminine]

La fois

Time, Occasion [Feminine]

La gare

Train station [Feminine]

La moto

Motor [Feminine]

La motocyclette

Motorcycle [Feminine]

La passagère

Passenger [Feminine]

La première classe

First class [Feminine]

La semaine

Week [Feminine]

La station-service

Service station [Feminine]

La valise

Suitcase [Feminine]

La voiture

Car [Feminine]


Airport [Masculine]


Arrival [Feminine]

L'auberge de jeunesse

Youth hostel [Feminine]


Interurban bus [Masculine]


Highway [Feminine]


Airplane [Masculine]

Le billet

Ticket [Masculine]

Le camion

Truck [Masculine]

Le coffre

Trunk [Masculine]

Le compartiment

Compartment [Masculine]

Le conducteur

Driver [Masculine]

Le départ

Departure [Masculine]

Le guichet

(Ticket) Window [Masculine]

Le métro

Subway [Masculine]

Le monde

World [Masculine]

Le moyen de transport

Means of transportation [Masculine]

Le passager

Passenger [Masculine]

Le pays

Country [Masculine]

Le pilote

Pilot [Masculine]

Le quai

Platform (Train) [Masculine]

Le siège

Seat [Masculine]

Le steward

Steward [Masculine]

Le train

Train [Masculine]

Le vol

Flight [Masculine]

Le wagon

Train car [Masculine]


Place [Masculine]


Problem/Trouble [Masculine]


Gasoline [Feminine]


State [Masculine]

L'hôtesse de l'air

Stewardess [Feminine]

Un aller-retour

Round Trip [Masculine]

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