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autorythmic cardiac impulses

The intrinsic conduction system consists _______________ ____________ cells that initiate and distribute _______________ throughout the heart.

heart depolarization

The intrinsic conduction system coordinates heart activity by determining the direction and speed of ________________. This leads to a coordinated heart contraction.

sets the pace for the entire heart

List the functions for the SA Node

link between the SA and AV nodes

List the functions for the Internodal Pathway

delay occurs here while atria contracts

List the functions for the AV Node

link between atria and ventricle

List the functions for the AV Bundle (Bundle of His)

convey impulse down the interventricular septum

List the functions for the Bundle Branches

convey impulse throughout the ventricular walls

Purkinje Fibers


The action potentials spread from the autorhythmic cells of the intrinsic conduction system (electrical event) to the ______________ cells. The resulting mechanical events cause a heartbeat.


A tracing of the electrical activity of the heart is called a/an ________________.

Atrial depolarisation

What do P wave forms reflect?

ventricular depolarisation

What do QRS wave forms reflect?

ventricular repolarisation

What do T wave forms reflect?

QRS interval

In a normal ECG wave tracing, atrial repolarization is hidden by ___________________.

atrial contraction

Electrical events lead to mechanical events. For example, the P wave represents ____________ depolarization, which leads to atrial _____________.

QRS interval

A left bundle branch block would have a wider than normal wave for the ____________.


An abnormally fast heart rate (over 100 beats per minute) is called

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