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Ch. 29

pg. 902 Portrait of a American couple

Thomas Mifflin and Sarah Morris (1773)

pg. 907 Couples on a Island

Pilgrimage to the Island of Cythera (1717)

pg. 906 Painting store

The Signboard of Gersaint (1721)

pg. 908 Nude Girl on a couch

Girl Reclining: Louise O'Murphy (1751)

pg. 909 Woman being pushed by a priest on a swing and her lover peeking at her

The Swing (1766)

pg. 921 Four people at the table and three at another

Marriage Contract (1743-1745)

pg. 924 Large group of people in a art room

Academicians of Royal Academy(London) (1771-1772)

pg. 925 Woman, children, treasure

Cornelia Pointing to Her Children as Treasures (1785)

pg. 937 One woman painting and two girls watching

Self Portrait with Two Pupils (1785)

pg. 933 Marie Antoinette and children

Marie Antoinette with Her Children (1787)

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