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Reflexive verbs

Common reflexive verbs. Note: "Se casser" - to break ... this refers to when one breaks a part of one's one body. e.g. je me casse la jambe.
to sit down
se brosser
to brush
se casser
to break
se coiffer
to do one's hair
se coucher
to go to bed
se couper
to cut oneself
se dépêcher
to hurry oneself
se déshabiller
to get undressed
se doucher
To shower
to train
se fâcher
to get angry
to get dressed
s'intéresser à
to be interested in
se laver
to wash oneself
se lever
to get up/stand up
se maquiller
To apply makeup
se peigner
to comb
se raser
to shave
se réveiller
To wake up
se sécher
to dry oneself
se souvenir
to remember