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  1. Monotheism
  2. Monsoons
  3. Moksha
  4. Book of the Dead
  5. vizier
  1. a helped the pharaoh, "steward of the whole land", in charge of the government bureaucracy
  2. b Acted as a moral code for the people of Egypt. For reincarnation.
  3. c Belief in one god
  4. d state of changeless bliss that hindus achieve by living a life of religious devotion and moral integrity without any interest in wordly pleasures
  5. e seasonal winds crossing indian subcontinent and southeast during summer brings rains

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  1. Founder of the Qin dynasty in 221 BCE.
  2. Main river in India. Where Harappan civilization was.
  3. Confucian philosophy. Vital supplement to formal measures on government's part.
  4. Warriors section of the caste system
  5. rectangular structures with flat roofs which served as tombs for the pharaohs noble officials

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  1. Kushansbuddha's teaching


  2. Deccan PlateauA form of political organization typical of Mesopotamia consisted of agriculture ruled by a king


  3. Chandragupta MauryaDynasty that succedded the Kushans in the 3rd century C.E; built the empire that extended to all but the southern regions of the indian subcontinent; less centralized than Mauryan empire


  4. Great Pyramidmost important ruler of the Babylonian empire responsible for codification of law


  5. BrahmanMoral duty hinduism