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  1. Silk Road
  2. mastabas
  3. hieratic script
  4. Indo-European
  5. Hammurabi
  1. a uses same principles as hieroglyphics but less complex used in everyday life, business transactions, and record keeping
  2. b Network of roads through central Asia where silk and other luxury items were traded. Most trade was carried by nomadic merchants. Ideas were also traded.
  3. c most important ruler of the Babylonian empire responsible for codification of law
  4. d rectangular structures with flat roofs which served as tombs for the pharaohs noble officials
  5. e people from Europe. aka. Hittites or Aryans

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  1. Buddhism release from human life and its problems
  2. A group of people who believed in Judaism.
  3. migrated into Mesopotamia 4000 BCE created 1st civilization organized area into city-states
  4. Confucian philosophy. Vital supplement to formal measures on government's part.
  5. Societies distinguished by reliance on agriculture ability to produce food surpluses and existence of people specializing in other trades

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  1. Mesopotamiameans between the rivers 1st civilization developed in the plain of the Tigris and Euphrates river valley


  2. Ashokagrandson of Chandragupta Maurya; completed conquests of Indian subcontinent converted to Buddhism and sponsered spread of new religion throughout his entire empire


  3. Sutrasbuddha's teaching


  4. Veneration of ancestorsThe divine source for political legitimacy of Chinese rulers. Established by Zhou to justify overthrow of Shang


  5. Daoism (Taoism)Philosophy associated with Laozi. Stressed need for alignment with Dao or cosmic force