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  1. Sanskrit
  2. reincarnation
  3. Five precepts
  4. dynasty
  5. Silk Road
  1. a the belief that a soul continues through a series of lives on the way to union with the eternal spirit. People are reborn after they die, both buddhism and hindusim
  2. b Network of roads through central Asia where silk and other luxury items were traded. Most trade was carried by nomadic merchants. Ideas were also traded.
  3. c third set of laws governing Buddhist thought
  4. d family of rulers
  5. e sacred Hindu language developed by the Aryans in the Indus Valley

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  1. relating to a society in which men hold the greatest legal and moral authority
  2. Belief in one god
  3. Political government. During Qin and early Han period. Disdained Cunfucian virtues in favor of a state ruled by force, Human nature was evil and required restraint and discipline.
  4. a group of countries under a single authority with an emperor as the leader.
  5. Hinduism wheel of law that contains eight steps for elimination suffering

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  1. Civilizationprocess of slow drying a dead body to prevent it from rotting


  2. stupasDynasty that succedded the Kushans in the 3rd century C.E; built the empire that extended to all but the southern regions of the indian subcontinent; less centralized than Mauryan empire


  3. Cuneiformseasonal winds crossing indian subcontinent and southeast during summer brings rains


  4. Sudrasbuddha's teaching


  5. CataractA natural barrier protecting Egypt. Waterfall