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Effect of temperature on Muscle Action

hard to move hand and it becomes stiff. It caused the muscles in the hand to contract and that's why it stiffened.

what are the three main types of muscle tissue?

cardiac, smooth, skeletal

what is the cardiac muscle function?

makes up the walls of the heart. Helps pump blood through

what is the smooth muscle tissue function?

the muscle around stomach, intestines, blood vessels. Helps digestion

what is the function of skeletal muscle tissue?

controls all the involuntary muscles like breathing and blinking.

Why can smooth muscle tissue be referred to involuntary muscle?

because these are the muscles you can't control. If a smooth muscle is the intestines you cant make yourself digest something. The only part of our control in the form of digestion is eating.

what is a muscle fiber?

a single, mulinecleated muscle cell that vary in sizes. Muscle fibers make up most of the muscle tissue in our bodies and connective blood vessels.

why doe muscle fibers appear strait?

myosin and actin form an over lapping pattern which gives it the straited appearance.

How do myosin and actin interact during muscle contraction?

the myosin and actin interact to shorten the length of a sarcomere. When a nerve sends a message to a muscle fiber to contract, the end of the myosin attach to points between the beads of actin. They both are pulled and the filaments to let go. Then it goes back to normal. Position to attach and actin filament and pull again.

how do muscle pairs work together to move a limb?

one pair moves a limb in one direction to the other pair in the other direction. They both pull to move the limb.

What is oxygen debt?

when you really need oxygen like after running or sprinting.

How does oxygen debt lead to cramping and fatigue?

your body needs the oxygen to produce and use energy that you need for a sprint.

What is Rigor Moris and why does it set in soon after death?

It's when a persons body becomes stiff after they die and it happens because the body continues to use the ATP and calcium to make energy that it isnt using. It ends when the body runs out of these things.

How does the muscular system affect the temp regulation in the body?

the body needs ATP when using and producing energy for the muscular system. It also produces heat when used, warming the temp of the body when exercise is preformed.

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