Quiz 4 - Chapters 10-12

The prefix hyper- in the term hyperpyrexia means ____________.
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The prefix in the word intervertebral means ______________.betweenA disease involving the brain is called a(n) _______________.encephalopathyThe root/combining form in the word microcephaly means ______________.headThe prefix hypo- in the term hypothalamic means ____________.belowGonadotropin is a hormone that stimulates the __________.sex cellsTetany is defined aspainful muscle spasmsThe M in DM stands formellitusThe word cognition means the process of _________________.acquiring knowledge through thinking, learning, and memoryThe meaning of OCD is ____________________.obsessive compulsive disorderYou are a physician assistant student attending physician rounds on the medicine floor. The attending physician suspects that a patient may have pheochromocytoma. Which of the following diagnostic tests do you suspect he will order?Plasma levels of catecholamines and metanephrinesThe suffix -itis means _______________.inflammationThe root/combining form in the word astrocyte means _____________________.starA synonym for tetraiodothyronine is _________ and is abbreviated _________.thyroxine; T4The word paranoia means _______________.the presence of persecutory delusionsThe prefix that means self is ________________.auto-The meninges that resembles a spider web is called the _________________.arachnoid materThe medical term for a dilation or ballooning of an artery or cardiac chamber is _____________.aneurysmThe word remission is the opposite of ________________.exacerbation