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Which of the following statements is true with regard to the economy of Poland?

Political instability and risk, large external debts, a deteriorating infrastructure and only modest education levels have led to continuing economic problems in poland.

A method which adjusts GDP to account for different prices in countries is called:

Purchasing Power Parity

A ___________ is comparable to a monopoly in the sense that the organization, in this case the government, has explicit control over the price and supply of a good or service.

Command Economy

The ultimate objective of the EU is to:

Eliminate all trade barriers among member countries

An organizational arrangement in Japan in which a large group of vertically integrated companies bound together by cross-ownership, interlocking directorates and social ties provide goods and services to end users is:


The process of applying management concepts and techniques in a multinational environment and adapting management practices to different economic, political and cultural environments is:

International Management

Antiglobalization activists:

Assert that if corporations are free to locate anywhere in the world, the world's poorest countries will relax or eliminate environmental standards and social services in order to attract first-world investment and the jobs and wealth that come with it

Which of the following statements is FALSE with regard to a mixed economy?

Businesses in this model are owned by the state to ensure that investments and practices are done in the best interest of the nation despite the often opposing outcomes

A factory, located in a Mexican border town, that imports materials and equipment on a duty and tariff-free basis for assembly or manufacturing and re-exports is called a:


Which of the following observations about NAFTA is INCORRECT?

Mexican firms can now export goods into the European community only by paying a heavy tariff

MNCs are unwilling to put up high investments unless they are assured of:

Operating control on their investment in telecommunications

Low-paid workers in India and Asian countries now are being given subcontracted work such as:

Code-writing jobs

One analysis, cited in the text, reported that since the passage of the Foreign Corrupt Practices act, U.S. exports to "bribe prone" countries:


_____ has placed pressure on MNCs to outsource production.

Mounting cost pressure and profit expectations

The _____ holds that governments have the right to rule themselves as they see fit.

Principle of Sovereignty

The _____ principle holds that every country has jurisdiction over behavior that adversely affects its national security, even if that conduct occurred outside the country.


The statute that makes it illegal to influence foreign officials through personal payment of political contributions is referred to as the:

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

_____ law comes from the Marxist socialist system and continues to influence regulations in former communist countries, especially those from the former Soviet Union, as well as present-day China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba.


In a business context, individualism is synonymous with:


Political repression and denial of rights and civil liberties are dominant ideals of:


Which of the following views the individual as part of rather than separate from nature?

Eastern Philosophy

Development that meets humanity's needs without harming future generations is termed as:


According to the latest corruption index of countries around the world specified in the text, the least corrupt country is:

New Zealand

One of the major reasons why _____ remains a problem in Japan is that traditionally many male managers regard female employees as mere secretaries and, following a stereotype, feel that women employees will soon marry and leave the firm.

Sexual Harassment

All of the following statements are accurate with regard to the status of women in the French workplace EXCEPT:

As a result of strong efforts to gain equality, French women are no longer underrepresented in the workplace

According to the World Economic Forum, which country ranked highest in 2009 on economic opportunities and political empowerment of women?


All of the following statements about ethics are true EXCEPT:

It is not related to the area of corporate social responsibility

As a way to prevent the shifting of corrupt practices to suppliers and intermediaries, the _____ standard was developed.


Which of the following companies was accused in 2010 of cutting corners on environmental protection and ethical business practices?


The U.K. and U.S. systems have been termed _____ systems because of dispersed ownership of corporate equity among a large number of external investors.


According to a study conducted by England and Lee, all of the following are accurate descriptions of the similarities in cultural values across nations EXCEPT:

There is a relatively weak relationship between the level of success achieved by managers and their personal values

Identify the handshake that does NOT accurately match the culture it is associated.

United States-soft

According to the text, the highest cultural priority (or value) in Japan is considered as:


_____ are basic convictions that people have regarding what is right and wrong, good and bad, important or unimportant.


According to Dutch researcher Geert Hofstede, there are four dimensions of culture. These are:

Power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism and masculinity

Countries that have high individualism and relatively low power distance show the following features:

Are not upset when others have more power than they do

_____ is "the extent to which people feel threatened by ambiguous situations and have created beliefs and institutions that try to avoid these".

Uncertainty avoidance

_____ is acquired knowledge that people use to interpret, experience and generate social behavior.


Even though there are distinctions among organization cultures, research shows that managers from different countries often have:

Value similarities

Buildings and art are considered to be the _____ of a culture.

Explicit artifacts and product

Experienced travelers report that the primary criterion for doing business in China is:

Technical competence

The typical broad, self-deprecating _____ commercial amuses by mocking both the advertiser and consumer.


If a U.S. manager acted the same way with a British manager as he/she does with a Chinese manager, the U.S. manager will be exhibiting a behavioral process referred to as:


All of the following are characteristics of low-context cultures EXCEPT

Insiders and outsiders are easily distinguishable and outsiders typically do not gain entrance to the inner group

A(n) _____ predisposition leads a firm to try to blend its own interests with those of its subsidiaries on a regional basis.


All the following factors facilitate the need for international firms to develop unique strategies for different cultures EXCEPT:

A continual demand by local customers for global products and in the case of globally recognized products such as McDonald's hamburgers and Sony televisions

Malaysia has what is called a _____.

High-context culture

In China, the term guanxi means:

Good connections

_____ is the tendency to view the world through one's own eyes and perspectives


Four distinct predispositions, which help determine the specific steps an MNC will follow, are:

Ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric and geocentric

The United Kingdom shows the following characteristics regarding the corporate dimension:


In the _____ stage of group development, attention may be directed more toward describing and analyzing the problem or task that has been assigned.


A _____ group is a group that is characterized by members who share similar backgrounds and generally perceive, interpret and evaluate events in similar ways.


_____ culture is characterized by a strong emphasis on equality in the workplace and orientation to the task.

Guided Missile

To ensure good communication in global teams, managers should do all of the following EXCEPT

Avoid the use of email, and use only video conferencing of telephone communication to avoid misunderstandings

_____ is a pattern of basic assumptions that are developed by a group as it learns to cope with problems of external adaptation and internal integration and that are taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to these problems.

Organizational culture

As companies become what Alder calls "multinational firms", they often find that _____ tends to dominate all other considerations and the direct impact of culture may lessen slightly.


Change in the incubator culture is:

Fast and spontaneous

_____ culture is a project-oriented culture.

Guided Missile

Organizational climate is reflected by:

The way participants interact with each other

This style of communication is characterized by language, which requires the listener to carefully note what is being said and to observe how the sender is presenting the message.


In which of the following countries do people like to be greeted by their title?


In terms of communication styles, which of the following countries has a high-context society?


A monochronic time schedule is one in which:

Things are done in a linear fashion

_____ is the information that surrounds a communication and helps convey the message


Which of the following is used for communicating very confidential communication?

Intimate distance

Communicating through the use of bodily contact is known as:


Distributive negotiation:

Occurs when two parties with opposing goals compete over a set value

_____ distance is used when calling across the room or giving a talk to a group.


Which style of communication focuses on precision and the use of the right amount of words to convey the message?


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