Pharm final 329-Dominican University

Prolonged QT interval
sudden cardiac death
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Severe GI upsetMetronidazole-Flagyl N/V/D if taken with alcohol-Limit intake of red meats, sardines. -for patients with Gout.Low purine dietfor patients with hyperlipidemiaLow fat diet-for patients with hypertension/heart failure -Not for patients on lithiumLow salt diet-for patients with diabetes. -Low sugar foodsLow carbohydrate diet-for patients on MAOIs to treat Parkinson's. -Avoid aged cheese, wine, soy sauce, fermented food.Low tyramine dietPatients with iron deficiency/anemia should consumehigh ironPatients on Wafarin/coumadin should watch what in dietVitamin K green leafy vegetables-Anticoagulant -Long term prevention/management of DVT,AFIV,PE -Antidote Vitamin K -Monitor INR (2-3) -Highly protein boundWarfarin/Coumadin-Anticoagulant -Treats AFIB, DVT -Given IV or SQ -Antidote Protamine Sulfate -Monitor PTTHeparin-Low molecular weight Heparin -Give SQ -Monitor for bleeding -No required monitoringLovenoxNo monitoring/no antidote anticoagulantsPradaxa (Dabigatran) Eliquis (apixaban) Xarelto (Rivaroxaban)protein-bound drugscause toxicity if low albumin levels-Reduces protein binding of drugs, causing levels of free drugs to rise and increasing risk of toxicity -Increased drug effect -Increased drug interactionsLow albumin levels-Beta blockers -prevent receptor activation -causes broncho-constrictionBeta antagonist-Beta 2 agonist -Bronchodilator -Albuterol,proventil (rescue inhalers)-short acting -Salmeterol,FluticasoneBeta agonist-Albuterol -Rescue inhalerShort acting beta agonist-Fluticasone -Not for rescue -Used for unstable asthmaLong acting beta agonist-Treats high cholesterol -Causes Rhabdomyolysis -monitor ALT/AST (liver function) -soreness/damage to muscles -toxic to liver -avoid grapefruits -take at nightStatins-Treats migraines -May cause chest heaviness -contraindication for patients with hypertensionsSumatriptanMonitor eye exams for angled glaucoma when patient is on what medication?Benztropine 1st generationBiggest risk factors for STDMultiple sex partnersWhat drug can cause severe hypokalemia?Furosemide (Lasix)What is the first line treatment for patients with diabetes?MetforminWhat is the excretion organ?KidneysWhat is the metabolism organ?LiverWhat laxative is used to lower ammonia levels?LactuloseDo NOT USE FOR Acute anxiety attack because takes 4-6 weeks to work-SSRI takes 4-6 weeks to work Escitalopram (lexapro)Short term treatment for acute anxiety attacksBenzodiazepine (Xanax) Works 30 min to 1 hrWhat drug causes peripheral edema?CCB- Amlodipine, DiltiazemWhat drug causes angio-edema?ARB - LosartanWhat diet would a patient with heart failure/HTN be on?Low sodium dietWhat drug should you not give to a patient on a low sodium diet?Lithium-Right patient -Right drug -Right route -Right dose -Right time -Right documentationRights of administrationDigoxin antidoteDigibind, DigifabHeparin antidoteprotamine sulfateWarfarin (Coumadin) antidoteVitamin KAcetaminophen antidoteacetylcysteineOpioids antidoteNaloxone (Narcan)Aspirin antidotesodium bicarbonate-Live vaccinesMMR and varicella concern in: immunocompromised Children under 5 Pregnant womanSide effects of prednisoneShort term: hyperglycemia Longterm: osteoporosis **Must taper to allow adrenal glands to return to normal function-Give in morning -Avoid caffeine -Monitor height and weight in children -Monitor BP in adultsStimulant drugs Methylphenidate (AKA Ritalin) Amphetamine-dextroamphetamine (AKA Adderall)Smoking cessation drugsBupropion, Chantix (vivid dreams), Nicotine patchDrugs that cause ototoxicityAminoglycoside-Gentamicin, Glycopeptide-Vancomycin, Furosemide-Lasix-Onset <15 min -Peak 30 min-3 hours -Duration 3-5 hours -Lispro,AspartRapid acting insulin-Onset 30 min-1 hr -Peak 2-4 hrs -Duration 4-8 hrs -Regular - only one given IV (Humilin R)Short acting insulin-Onset 2-4 hrs -Peak 4-10 hrs -Duration 10-18 hrs -NPH (Humulin N)Intermediate acting insulin-Onset 4-6 hrs -Peak same throughout the day. No peak -Duration 24 hrs -Lantus -Do not mix with other insulinsLong acting (Basal) insulinDrugs must monitor oral hygiene? May cause gingival hyperplasia.-Phenytoin (10-20 therapeutic level) -Dilitazam