chapter one review questions

Which of the following was mentioned as a skill to which psychology students would be exposed?
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In Milgram's controversial study on obedience, nearly _______ of the participants were willing to administer what appeared to be lethal electrical shocks to another person because they were told to do so by an authority figure.2/3A researcher interested in what factors make an employee best suited for a government job would most likely identify as a(n) _____ psychologist .I-OIf someone wanted to become a psychology professor at a 4-year college, then they would probably need a ______ degree in psychology.PhDThe ________ places less emphasis on research and more on application of therapeutic skills.PsyDWhich of the following degrees would be the minimum required to teach psychology courses in high school?bachelor's degreeOne would need at least a(n) __________ degree to serve as a school psychologistmaster'sThe science of psychology is typically dated from the establishment of the late-nineteenth century Leipzig laboratory ofWilliam WundtThe behavioral research perspective is similar to the sociological research perspective because both focus on how behavior and mental processes are explained bythe external environmentWhich of the following types of research design is most appropriate for establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between two variables?experimentalFrequency theory and place theory attempt to explain how the inner ear registers the pitch of sound. Which statement best reflects current opinion about frequency theory and lace theory?Place theory explains the perception of high-frequency sounds well, and frequency theory explains the perception of low-frequency sounds well.The requirement that prospective participants know the general nature of a study so that they can decide whether to participate is a major part ofinformed consent