CH. 9-12 MGMT

Which of the following provides an insight about how power is distributed in a firm?
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Brandon has been appointed as the lead IT analyst for a resource center project at a small e-commerce company. For the time being, his primary supervisor will be the manager of the resource center. However, he will also report to the company's IT manager for technical issues and tasks. This type of structure is referred to as _____.

-project management structure
Supervisors cannot eliminate an informal organization: -because they did not establish the organization.Trisha is a top-level manager at Hexagon Inc. Roger, a middle-level manager at Hexagon, reports to Trisha. It is most likely that: -Roger has a higher span of management than Trisha.Judy is the department supervisor at a two-year old community college. She has recently hired a new faculty member who will be starting work on Monday. She knows that the new employee, Nguyen, has extensive work experience in the field, but relatively little teaching experience, especially at the community college level. Therefore, Judy should: -assign an experienced qualified faculty member to serve as Nguyen's mentor.Which of the following statements best describes nepotism? -The practice of hiring relatives that may eliminate other applicants from considerationWilson, an assistant sales manager at his company, has agreed to help Caleb, a new employee in the same company, by guiding him and counseling him on his duties and responsibilities.This is an example of _____. -mentoringA supervisor need NOT hire a replacement when _____. -a major technological change or downsizing is anticipatedWhich of the following managerial functions involves the recruitment, selection, placement, orientation, and training of employees? -StaffingWhich of the following approaches to bringing new employees onboard is correct? -The supervisor can ask an experienced employee to orient the new employee.While interviewing candidates for a new position, Samuel uses a set of predetermined questions. He takes notes during the interviews and then compares his notes for each question to make a selection of final candidates. Which interviewing technique does Samuel use? -Directive techniqueAll of the following are conditions of conducting a successful selection interview, EXCEPT: -using the halo effect.When reviewing resumes for open positions at her company, Bridget always focuses on a candidate's work sample test scores, number of years of education, degrees, and length of service in previous positions. These are examples of _____. -objective criteriaWhich of the following statements is true regarding the staffing process and the supervisor? -The staffing function is an ongoing process for the supervisor.While interviewing final candidates for a new position, Terrence informs the candidates about the positive as well as negative aspects of the position. He is providing a _____. -realistic job previewWhich of the following involves sharing information by an interviewer with a job applicant concerning the mission, values, and direction of an organization? -Realistic organizational previewWhich of the following is NOT a recruiting tool? -Reductions in forceAccording to the American Council on Drug Education, which of the following statements is true regarding drug abusers in the workplace in comparison to non-drug abusers? - Drug abusers are two-thirds as productiveWhich of the following terms refers to the interaction of two or more individuals such that their combined efforts are greater than the sum of their individual efforts? -Synergistic effectAn organized effort by a firm to help employees get and stay healthy to remain productive is known as _____. -a wellness programWhich of the following is NOT one of the ways by which a person may enter an employee assistance program (EAP)? -Team member referralOnce group members establish their roles and responsibilities and a shared understanding of the goal, they tend to move forward productively with the work. This occurs during the _____ stage of group development process. -normingFriendship groups are related primarily to: -personalities and social interests._____ is defined as a composite of feelings and attitudes that individuals and groups have toward their work, working condition, supervisors, top-level management, and the organization. -MoraleAll of the following are internal factors that influence employee morale, EXCEPT: -family relationships.The transition team at Zape Inc. votes to move their operations from Ames, Iowa to Orem, Utah. Tina, a junior team member, feels that Peru is a better option. Tina however remains silent and the Utah move proves unsuccessful. This is an example of: -groupthink.Which of the following is NOT a common reason for the formation of work groups? -Labor union mandatesState Line Inc.'s executive team meets every two weeks to discuss strategies and tactics to move the company forward. The team consists of the company president and five vice presidents.Which of the following types of work groups does executive team represent? -Command groupWhich of the following is a technique for assessing employee engagement? -Observations and studiesWhich of the following statements is true about performance appraisals? -They inform employees about how well they are executing their jobsIdentify an accurate statement about performance appraisal forms: -Performance appraisal forms are usually prepared by the HR department with input from employees and supervisorsWhich of the following statements about promotion-from-within policies is NOT true? -They have been found to have little impact on employee performance.About a week before his performance review, Seth was asked to fill out a form that required him to list his strengths, his weaknesses, and his accomplishments at work over the past few months. Based on the information provided in this scenario, Seth was most likely asked to fill a _____ form. -self-evaluationEvery time one of his subordinates does something highly exceptional or something unsatisfactory, Rob records it in his employee work file. The information in this file serves as a factual record and helps Rob in assessing the performance of his team members and in supporting his ratings during performance appraisals. Based on the information provided in this scenario, Rob is most likely using the technique of the _____. -critical incident methodWhich of the following statements is true regarding the role of supervisors in performance appraisals? -Supervisors should rely on production data and sales data as sources for performance feedback.During the appraisal meeting, a supervisor must: -be prepared to support or document ratings by citing specific illustrations and instances of good or poor performance.Formal performance appraisal systems: -provide clues to the supervisor's own performance and may suggest where the supervisor must improve.In the context of the problems in the appraisal process, which of the following statements is true of leniency errors? -Such errors are made by supervisors who believe that poor evaluations may reflect negatively on their own performance.Rocco has been working at a unionized factory for two months. He decides to stay with the company for a long time after hearing that promotions and other benefits are directly correlated to an employee's experience and length of service in the company. Rocco's factory most likely employs the promotion criterion of _____. -seniorityIn the _____, supervisors record specific examples of outstanding and below-average performance on the part of each employee. -critical incident methodA supervisor can avoid the halo effect by: -rating an employee on each factor relative to a standard.____ occurs when supervisors give employees higher ratings than they deserve. -The leniency error