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physical property

an aspect of matter that can be observed or measured without changing it, used to describe or define a object

density physical

the amout of mass per volume/ what kind of property is it

luster physical

how shiney or dull an object is/what kind of property is it

boiling point physical

the temp a liquid becomes a gas/what kind of property is it

melting point physical property

the temp a solid becomes a liquid/ what kind of preperty is it

texture physical

the type of surface of a material/what kind of property is it

color physical

the color of an object/what kind of property is it

hardness physical

how well a material withstands the application of force/what kind of property is it

ductility/malleability physical

being able to be stretched or compressed without breaking/what kind of property is it

chemical property

may be only observed by changing the chemical identity of a substance

flammability ph reactivity bonding type

name all 4 chemical propertys


the amount of mass "stuff" in an object mass diveded by volume g/m3 or g/l

1.00 g/l

density of water


objects more dense then 1.00


objects less dense then 1.00

ph scale

the scale used for measuring the acidity or alkalinity (base) of a substance


0-6 on ph scale


7 on scale


8-14 on scale

more acid

closer to 0 on scale

more basic

closer to 14 on scale

physical change

any change in an object that does not resolve in the production of a new substance

breaking cutting or crushing

3 ex of physical change

phase change

a change in a state of matter

chemical change

substances are changed into different substances

new color chem change


energy is absorbed or realeased chem change

release of light, change in temp

odor changes chem change

spoiled food

reacts with oxyegen chem change

oxidizing or rust

production of solid or gas chem change


not easily reversible chem change

can you turn somke back into wood


very low molecular vibration, low energy level, tightly packed, do not flow, takes shape of container


moderate amount of molecular vibration, moderate energy level,flows,takes shape of container,loosely bonded together


high amount of molecular vibration, high energy level,free moving (not bonded together), do not take shape of container


solid to liquid


liquid to gas


gas to liquid


liquid to solid


solid to gas


gas to solid


total amount of thermal energy, includes kinetic (molecular vibration) energy and the amount of molecules


average measure of kinetic energy in a system

iceburg cez more molecules

which has more heat iceburg or cuo of hot water and why?


at a phase change in a heat curve energy is being built____


energy in a phase change in a heat curve is used to ______ the bonds

pure substance

matter that contains only 1 kind of particle,cannot be seperated by physical means


2 or more elements bounded together


matter that is made up of 2 or more pure substances, can be seperated by physical means

homogeneous mixture

mixture that is the"same" throughout, compleatly dissolve and has a uniform(same) composition


made up of small particles, looks clear, nonfilterable, homo


being dissolved


doing the dissolving


made up of large particles, looks milky, nonfilterable, homo

heterogeneous mixture

mixture that id "different" throughout. can be pulled apart and is not in uniform


visable particles, filterable hetero

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