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  1. Subtracting something unpleasant from a environment
  2. Results from unconditioned stimulus. EX: Whenever a dog is given food, its mouth waters
  3. Invariably prompts a certain reaction. EX: Food prompts salvation
  4. Behavior that an animal has learned in response to the conditioned response to the conditioned stimulus
  5. a stimulus that yields a response only after learning has occurred
  6. Consequences that that increase the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated

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  1. Positive ReinforcersSubtracting something unpleasant from a environment


  2. PunishmentTo get punished for doing something such as receiving a speeding ticket


  3. PunisherConsequences that decrease the chances that a behavior will be repeated


  4. Classical ConditioningFairly specific patterns of behavior in the presence of well-defined stimuli


  5. Desensitization TherapyBeing able to overcome fears by learning to remain calm