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  1. lob/o
  2. atel/o
  3. silicosis
  4. Phrenic
  5. coni/o
  1. a imperfect
  2. b lobe
  3. c form of pneumoconiosis resulting from inhalation of the dust in stone, stand, quartz, or flint that contains silica.
  4. d pertaining to the diaphragm
  5. e dust

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  1. supplying oxygen to all body cells and removing carbon dioxide
  2. absence of voice
  3. alveolus (plural: alveoli)
  4. breathing air INTO lungs
  5. lung

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  1. phren/opertaining to the diaphragm


  2. orthopneicbreathing is difficult except when the patient is sitting erect or standing


  3. per-through


  4. -olebreathing


  5. silic/oto breathe (sometimes, spiral)