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  1. Blood collected by puncturing the skin is called capillary blood because
  2. Which capillary specimen should be collected separately?
  3. Phenylketonuria is a
  4. The best way to mix blood in an additive microtube is to
  5. Hemolysis of a capillary specimen can erroneously elevate results for this test
  1. a B. it is from the dermal capillary bed
  2. b A. invert it gently
  3. c C. genetic disorder involving phenlylantine metabolism
  4. d C. potassium
  5. e D. potassium

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  1. B. 42 C
  2. A. decrease the angle of the spreader slide
  3. C. medial plantar heel
  4. B. laser lancet
  5. B. latrogenic anemia

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  1. A blood smear isB. blood spread out a microscope slide


  2. It is unlikely that holes in a blood smear would be caused byB. failing to protect the specimen from light


  3. Errors in capillary glucose results have attributed toA. manual differential


  4. Capillary specimens containB. be bluish in color


  5. Capillary puncture is a poor choice for specimen collection if the patient isB. dehydrated


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