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  1. The calcaneus is a bone located in the
  2. A labratory report form should state that a specimen has been collected by capillary puncture
  3. This is the abbreviation for pulmonary function test
  4. Phenylketonuria is a
  5. An infant may require a blood transfusion if blood levels of this substance exxceed 18 mg/dl.
  1. a A. bilirubin
  2. b C. genetic disorder involving phenlylantine metabolism
  3. c B. CBG
  4. d B. because results can vary by specimen source
  5. e C. heel

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  1. B. lancet
  2. B. be bluish in color
  3. A. allow blood to run down the finger
  4. B. failing to protect the specimen from light
  5. C. Osteomyelitis

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  1. Which of the following capillary puncture techniques is incorrectC. press the lancet down into the skin so it does not slip


  2. A list capillary puncture equipment would excludeB. puncturing parallel to the fingerprint


  3. If collected by capillary punctures,which of the following specimens should be collected in an amber miicrotube?A. bilirubin


  4. Errors in capillary glucose results have attributed toB. failing to protect the specimen from light


  5. Which statement concerning capillary blood gases is untrueA. they are coated with lithium heparin