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  1. It is unlikely that holes in a blood smear would be caused by
  2. "Areterialized" means
  3. If venous blood is placed in a microtube, it is important to
  4. According to CLSI, depth of heel puncture should not exceed
  5. Which of the following is least likely to contaminate a PKU test
  1. a B. 2.0
  2. b D. using isopropyl alcohol to clean
  3. c A. low hemoglobin
  4. d A. label it as a venous specimen
  5. e A. arterial content has been increased

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  1. C. hematocrit tubes
  2. B. it is from the dermal capillary bed
  3. D. the thinnest area of a blood film
  4. C. microhematocrit tube
  5. A. effects of platelet aggregation

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  1. Which of the following steps should be omitted from infant heel puncture?A. apply bandages


  2. This test is typically performed on capillary bloodC. PKU


  3. Strong repetitive pressure,such as squeezing or milking a site during capillary specimen collectionB. glucose


  4. When making a blood smear by hand using two glass slides, the typical angle of teh spreader slide isD. within 1 hour of specimen collection


  5. Which of the following can result in microclot formation in a specimen collected in an anticoagulant microtubeC. Osteomyelitis


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