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  1. This is a sharp-pointed device used to make capillary punctures
  2. Strong repetitive pressure,such as squeezing or milking a site during capillary specimen collection
  3. You need to collect blood cultures, and green,tight blue, and purple top tubes on an adult with difficult veins, Which of these can be collected by skin puncture?
  4. A labratory report form should state that a specimen has been collected by capillary puncture
  5. Which color-coded microtube would be used to collect a CBC
  1. a C. lavender
  2. b B. because results can vary by specimen source
  3. c C. green top and purple top
  4. d B. lancet
  5. e B. can hemolyze and contaminate specimens

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  1. D. potassium
  2. C. sharps container
  3. B. CBC
  4. C. isopropanol contamination of the specimen
  5. D.PKU

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  1. If venous blood is placed in a microtube, it is important toA. label it as a venous specimen


  2. Which of the following sites would normally be elimnated as a capillary puncture site?D. all of the above


  3. Microhematocrit tubes with a red band on one end containB. heparin


  4. Capillary puncture is a poor choice for specimen collection if the patient isB. dehydrated


  5. Capillary specimens containD. narrow-bore capillary tubes