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  1. The temprature of heel warming devices should never exceed
  2. Blood collected by puncturing the skin is called capillary blood because
  3. A capillary puncture that parallels the whorls of teh fingerprint will
  4. The best way to mix blood in an additive microtube is to
  5. The distance between the skin surface and the bone in the end segment of a finger is
  1. a A. allow blood to run down the finger
  2. b A. invert it gently
  3. c B. it is from the dermal capillary bed
  4. d A. shortest at the side and the tip
  5. e B. 42 C

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  1. C. heel
  2. B. injuring the calcaneus
  3. B. heparin
  4. B. reduce tissue fluid contamination
  5. D.PKU

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  1. The major blood vessels of the skin are locatedC. heel


  2. This is a term foer the bottom surface of the heelA. blood cultures


  3. Which of the following can result in microclot formation in a specimen collected in an anticoagulant microtubeD. using isopropyl alcohol to clean


  4. Which of the following would be excluded blood from from a list of reasons why capillary puncture is the..Preferred method to obtain blood from infants and childrenB. results on capillary specimens are more accurate


  5. Collection of a thick blood smear may be requested to detectC. malaria