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  1. Neonatal screening for this disorder is required by law in the United States
  2. You need to collect blood cultures, and green,tight blue, and purple top tubes on an adult with difficult veins, Which of these can be collected by skin puncture?
  3. Errors in capillary glucose results have attributed to
  4. A list capillary puncture equipment would exclude
  5. Which of the following can result in microclot formation in a specimen collected in an anticoagulant microtube
  1. a D.PKU
  2. b C. isopropanol contamination of the specimen
  3. c C. green top and purple top
  4. d A. blood culture bottles
  5. e A. overfiling the tube

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  1. A. bullet
  2. A. interstitial fluid
  3. A. manual differential
  4. D. order or draw
  5. B. 2.0

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  1. This test is typically performed on capillary bloodA. blood cultures


  2. Lancets with permanently retractable are disposed of in the.C. heel


  3. Which of the following collection devices fill by capillary actionC. hematocrit tubes


  4. If venous blood is placed in a microtube, it is important toA. at the dermal-subcutaneous junction


  5. A blood smear prepared from an EDTA specimen should be madeD. within 1 hour of specimen collection