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  1. Which of the following patient conditions would make capillary puncture a good choice for specimen collection
  2. Microhematocrit tubes with a red band on one end contain
  3. Which statements concerning microhematocrit tubes is incorrect?
  4. Which of the following equipment is used to collect a manuel packed cell volume test
  5. Which of the following equipment should be deleted from a list of capillary blood gas equipment
  1. a A. they are coated with lithium heparin
  2. b B. heparin
  3. c C. microhematocrit tube
  4. d B. latrogenic anemia
  5. e C. filter paper for blotting

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  1. B. laser lancet
  2. D. potassium
  3. B. can hemolyze and contaminate specimens
  4. D. spiral patterns of finger prints
  5. B. CBG

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  1. Which statement concerning capillary blood gases is untrueB. results are much more accurate than ABG'S


  2. During multisample capillary specimen collection, blood smears and edta specimens are obtained before other specimens to minimizeA. effects of platelet aggregation


  3. Which of the following is normally a proper site for finger puncture on an adultA. distal segment of the middle from a list of finger


  4. The best way to mix blood in an additive microtube is toA. invert it gently


  5. In which of the following areas does capillary specimen differ from routine venipuncture for tests that can be collected either way?D. order or draw