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  1. Which statements concerning microhematocrit tubes is incorrect?
  2. A capillary puncture that parallels the whorls of teh fingerprint will
  3. When making a blood smear by hand using two glass slides, the typical angle of teh spreader slide is
  4. The best way to mix blood in an additive microtube is to
  5. It is inappropriate to apply a bandage to a capillary puncture site on an infant or child younger thadn 2 years of age because it can
  1. a D. all of the above
  2. b A. invert it gently
  3. c C. 30
  4. d A. they are coated with lithium heparin
  5. e A. allow blood to run down the finger

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  1. B. blood spread out a microscope slide
  2. D. inflammation of the bone anad cartilage
  3. B. GALT
  4. C. Osteomyelitis
  5. A. index finger of a woman

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  1. One purpose of wiping away the first drop of blood during capillary specimen collection is toB. glucose


  2. The recommended antiseptic fro cleaning capillary puncture sites isA. 70% isopropanol


  3. Correct newborn screening test collection or handling includesD.using one large drop to entirely fill a collection circle


  4. Situations that require a venipuncture insted of capillary punctures include when aB. light blue top tube has been ordered


  5. Errors in capillary glucose results have attributed toC. isopropanol contamination of the specimen