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  1. Tests affected by providone-iodine contamination of a capillary specimen include
  2. Which of the following would be excluded blood from from a list of reasons why capillary puncture is the..Preferred method to obtain blood from infants and children
  3. The calcaneus is a bone located in the
  4. Which capillary specimen should be collected separately?
  5. Correct newborn screening test collection or handling includes
  1. a D. potassium
  2. b D.using one large drop to entirely fill a collection circle
  3. c A. all of the above
  4. d B. results on capillary specimens are more accurate
  5. e C. heel

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  1. D. spiral patterns of finger prints
  2. A. help mix the anticoagulant
  3. B. results are much more accurate than ABG'S
  4. D. the thinnest area of a blood film
  5. D. all of the above

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  1. This test is typically performed on capillary bloodA. blood cultures


  2. CBG specimens are collected inC. heel


  3. Microhematocrit tubes with a red band on one end containB. heparin


  4. Which of the following is the medical term for a finger boneD. phalanx


  5. A labratory report form should state that a specimen has been collected by capillary punctureB. because results can vary by specimen source