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Catherine Beecher
1st American to design a program of exercises for American children; calisthenics at Hartford (Conneticut) Female Seminary in 1824
Dioclesian Lewis
Brought concept of light gymnastics at Convention of the American Institute of Instruction in 1860;
Boston implemented his ideas in their elementary schools;
Founded the Normal Institute for Physical Education in 1861 which, specialized in preparing students to become teachers
Edward Hitchcock Jr.
first formal physical educator at the collegiate level (Amherst College). Introduced Anthropometric measurements (height/weight/chest/lung).
Charles Beck
He established at Round Hill an outdoor gymnasium: the first gymnasium in the United States, which hosted the first school gymnastics program in that country.
Claude Douglas
Noted for respiratory physiology. Created lots of equipment to measure cardiovascular activity.
Kenneth Cooper
Father of Aerobics. Also did lots of work in running. Invented scoring system for aerobic exercise.
Primary and young kid PE education
John Dewey
Focused on the gooey, the social attributes of education. Learner-centered type stuff
Luther Gulick's
main passion was the importance of play. helped increase the development of playgrounds and recreational pursuits
Five levels of behavior
Level 0 = Irresponsibility
Level 1 = Self-Control
Level 2 = Involvement
Level 3 = Self-Responsibility
Level 4 = Caring
Dudley Sargent
Used individualized approach to encourage students to exercise. Based on various anthropometric measurements, he prescribed series of exercises to meet the need of each student.